file size

  1. T

    Is there way to record very small file sizes

    The recordings that I have done are taking so much space I wanted to record long sessions. So I was wondering what would be the good way to go about it like is there anything file compressing things or is only way to do that just after recording using "hand brake" to reduce the file size? I have...
  2. L

    File size is MASSIVE

    I've not had any problems with obs until now, I haven't touched any settings recently so I don't know what changed but here the other day I went to upload one of my videos to my editing software and it said it was 43 GB FOR A 1 HOUR VIDEO. I've tried looking up tutorials on limiting bitrate and...
  3. I

    File size way to big.

    I'm very new to OBS, so this may sound like a dumb question... But I could really use some help. I'm capturing video from an old dvr machine via an HDMI capture dongle. My settings seem ok, and I can record the video without a problem, but when I complete the recording, the 2-hour long 720p...
  4. U

    What are encoding settings for audio only still image recording?

    I am looking for settings recommendation to record the best quality audio in video container with light file size. 30 min - 60 min duration. I've set audio bitrate to 320, sample rate 48kHz & stereo. What are best settings for modern codecs available now in general for this type of thing? Does...
  5. A

    Looking to record a world record stream, need help with file size

    Hello, we are looking to record an upcoming charity world record stream, and if it all goes well the recording will be roughly 40 hours long. We are aware that this file will be extremely large. Does anyone know anything we can do to try and reduce file size? We want to record in the best...
  6. A

    OBS recordings doubling in size.

    My obs recording have doubled in video size and all my settings and stuff are the same. One thing that I’m thinking is that it could be the storage device I set it he’d but even then I’m not sure. I’m thinking it’s like recording double somehow and putting it on the same file or something but I...
  7. D

    File size is WAY to big

    Help I have been uploading videos for about 4-5 months and for some reason recently my recording file size is 5Gb for only 30 mins and 10Gb for 1 hour Im pretty sure that’s certainly not normal.
  8. BTheEPIC

    Should my file size be this large? How can I lower file size without losing lots of quality?

    Recently I recorded 2 and a half hours of Minecraft gameplay with the below OBS settings. However, the issue is that the 1080p 60fps file ended up being 56.1 GB, which is a lot of storage usage. It also caused my 2 hour edited file to also be larger than usual at 7 GB, which my internet...
  9. U

    1080p60 recordings look terrible at corresponding bit rate levels.

    I have always recorded at 50000 kb/s which got me nice quality, but the big downside is that the file size was huge. For a 10 minute video, the file size is 3.3 GB. When I upload to YouTube it takes around 40-50 minutes (I have a good connection with Ethernet) and the final product is a 1080p60...
  10. S

    Absurdly large file size at 120 fps recordings

    I have my OBS set up to record at 120 fps (for post production reasons) and a 2 minute long video is over 2 GB and in some cases goes over 5GB too. Is there any way to make it smaller or is this a normal size for 120 fps recordings? I save it in mkv and then remux it to mp3, I also use CQP at...
  11. K

    YouTube stream File Size Vs OBS record File Size

    YouTube: Normal Latency OBS: Record + Stream at the same time After OBS crashed when I changed the scene. Result: YouTube Indicated File Size in "Your Video": 1 Hr 27 min YouTube video when viewing: 1 Hr 19 min OBS recorded MKV (corrupted and repaired): 1 Hr 27 min Any explanation ? Since I...
  12. T

    Newbie needs help. Screen size and file size. Legal Video w/ Date and Time

    Hi, I am new to OBS. I've done some tests and have a few questions. 1) I was able to figure out how to put the date and time on top of the video I recorded, which I need to do for video work. I did a test recording from Zoom (See image How come the test recording isn't full screen? It...
  13. D

    Trying to record screen at 1 FPS but recording size as if I'm recording at 60 FPS

    Hi all, I want to record my screen for a few hours. I don't care about FPS and I'm not going to be playing games, so I figured I can just use 1 FPS to make the file size 60 times smaller. However, FPS does not seem to affect the size of the recording at all. I tried anything from 0.5 FPS to 60...
  14. A

    Settings for YouTube videos

    Hello, I want to record the screen and my voice to upload it on YouTube and I want the best settings for obs , that the file size is not huge. I want to record an hour and the file size is 1giga , for example. I do not want the quality to be wow but acceptable
  15. B

    Question / Help Large File Sizes

    Is it normal for file sizes to be this large? A 12 minute video for me is almost 3GB, which seems absurd, especially with the medium file size option. If I'm being dumb let me know, but it doesn't feel right. This is a bit of a problem for me because my upload speed is terrible, which causes...
  16. Scoobymenace

    Question / Help Recent 3 hour recording was 200Gb? Is that normal?

    So I recently recorded 3 hours of gameplay using Nvidia NVENC x264 (new) using CQP with a CQ of 16 - All other settings were the ones recommended via the guide found on this forum. My question is, is this a normal size for these settings? Also considering I'll be uploading them to Youtube after...
  17. M

    Question / Help Same settings, huge filesize difference

    Hello, I was using the version 23.1 64bit before. I was using VBR mode to maintain small filesize with good quality. Last week when I open OBS, I warned me that there is a newer version and if I want to update. Then obviously I clicked yes/update. After it got updated I started to record a game...
  18. F

    Question / Help Recordings taking up double listed space

    So I did a big recording today (about 1 hour), and the end result took up about 10GB. Or at least that's what it said in the bottom left corner of the file explorer when I click on it. When I right click and go into properties though, it says that it takes up 20GB. Now this wouldn't be too much...
  19. W

    Question / Help Recording 30 sec, but only 2-3 sec come up on file.

    I only recently just started using the software, and I'm having some issues with the recorded files once finished. I will record 30 sec, maybe a minute, and the timer on the software will show as much, and then hit stop recording. When I go to bring up the file where it saves to, it ends up...
  20. D

    Question / Help Too many files

    Hey so i'm having a problem, my obs keeps outputting (is that how you spell it?) my files and then putting them into many 3 second files instead of 1 big file. is there any way to mitigate this problem? or should i try a different recording software?