Trying to record screen at 1 FPS but recording size as if I'm recording at 60 FPS


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Hi all,

I want to record my screen for a few hours. I don't care about FPS and I'm not going to be playing games, so I figured I can just use 1 FPS to make the file size 60 times smaller. However, FPS does not seem to affect the size of the recording at all. I tried anything from 0.5 FPS to 60 FPS but the output file size remains about 20 megabytes per minute of recording at all times.

What's going on here? How do I make OBS truly only record 1 frame per second?

(I spent 30 minutes googling this but apparently nobody is trying to deliberately record at such a low frame rate)

Thank you.


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You have to switch to a quality-based rate control in the encoder settings such as CQP (with Nvenc) or CRF (with x264).