OBS recordings doubling in size.


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My obs recording have doubled in video size and all my settings and stuff are the same. One thing that I’m thinking is that it could be the storage device I set it he’d but even then I’m not sure. I’m thinking it’s like recording double somehow and putting it on the same file or something but I can’t figure it out.


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Hi Antonio, wlcome aboard!

Unfortunately we didn't know anything about your settings (hence if its still the same).
PLease have a look under the Help menu in OBS (...showing log files) into the log file folder, if there are two log files of interest for us: One before "doubling size" happened, and one after.

If so, please uplad them here and we will see what are possible differences and changes.

(OBS keeps the last ten log files there. Every startup its deleting the oldest ones. So beware so start OBS unintentionally often. Sometimes its good to have access to a logfile before something special happens.)