Question / Help Same settings, huge filesize difference


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I was using the version 23.1 64bit before. I was using VBR mode to maintain small filesize with good quality. Last week when I open OBS, I warned me that there is a newer version and if I want to update. Then obviously I clicked yes/update. After it got updated I started to record a game (Fallout 2) for Youtube as usual, then I saw the filesize jumped from megabytes to gigabytes WITHOUT CHANGE ANY SETTINGS.

I am trying different settings but no luck yet to find good quality / low filesize way.

Here I am attaching the settings screenshot and the filesize screenshot, the last file is recorded with version 24.0.3. Check video length and filesize and compare with other files. The difference is unreal.

settings.png filesize.png


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A logfile would help, but at any reasonable quality a recording of reasonable length is gigabytes and not megabytes.

In simple output mode you can specify quality and file size parameters. There is an option for "high quality, medium file size".