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    Chroma Key Option Not Appearing

    Hello! I'm new to OBS studio and I am having trouble finding the chroma key feature. I have an example VTuber model (not mine, still finishing mine) sat as a virtual camera and I'm able to get it with OBS as a video source. What I've seen is I should rightclick "Video Capture" device under the...
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    Why is OBS vers 24.0.0 missing features on Linux?

    I don't get this update. Why release version 24.0.0 of OBS on Linux if you're not giving the same feature sets for all platforms? Where's the Dynamic Bitrate option? Where's Pause Recording option? Where's the dockable Custom Browser Panels that integrates with streaming platforms? Why are these...
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    Question / Help How to immediately delete last recording and where is the pause feature and shortcuts?

    Hi, I need help for basic features that I miss in OBS I am doing a lot of takes (recordings of the same scene) for some review videos and often I do mistakes and want to immediately delete the last take and re-record a new one. It is very time consuming to always open up the recording folder...
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    Question / Help Is there a way to automatically start Replay Buffer on start-up?

    Seems a bit inconvenient to have to open OBS on start up to get the Replay Buffer going. Any way around that? https://obsproject.com/logs/f2uA0LA-biHnifzp
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    180 degree live fisheye distortion correction

    I have searched for a few hours and can't seem to find anything that can correct the distortion on a live feed. Does such a feature exist? Are there any workarounds? I use a z-cam E1 with a Meike 6.5mm lens, connected via HDMI to an Avermedia Gamer HD2. I would love to be able to fix the...
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    Multiple Video Tracks! (Like In Elgato Having Seperate Webcam and Gameplay)

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forums! I am a content creator and streamer on both YouTube and Twitch! Would love to see this feature come true because I think it would help a lot of people! I don't really know anything about coding otherwise I would pitch in on making this become a reality...