Chroma Key Option Not Appearing


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Hello! I'm new to OBS studio and I am having trouble finding the chroma key feature. I have an example VTuber model (not mine, still finishing mine) sat as a virtual camera and I'm able to get it with OBS as a video source.

What I've seen is I should rightclick "Video Capture" device under the "Sources" category and click "Filters". However, I cannot find the chroma key filter from the list!

Am I doing something wrong?


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Chromakey is an Effect filter. The lower list-box, not the upper.

That example image you're showing will not be able to be chromakeyed though, as it does not have a solid background color not used elsewhere in the subject.
You may also be better-served capturing the animation window with a Window or Game Capture instead of using the fake camera output; if the program supports Alpha information, OBS may not even need to chromakey it, just use the alpha-channel data directly with the 'allow transparency' checkbox (which should be OFF the rest of the time!).