chroma key

  1. H

    Beginner greenscreen question

    I'm at the beginning of my webcam and green-screen journey, and before I go and buy a greenscreen, I have the following question: My set up space is at the end of a narrow hallway, so even if I have the widest greenscreen I can fit behind me, the webcam will still capture the walls either side...
  2. R

    How to chroma key piano keys

    Hi there, I hope someone here can help me out or point me in the right direction. I’m a piano teacher, I want my piano software keys as chroma key under my fingers. I have included a picture. Is this possible without painting my keys green or blue. I have played around with color key, chroma...
  3. SadMango

    Choosing an area on screen for chromakey ?

    Hey, So I think a picture would speak for 1000 words, here it is: I want to do this, just locate the Chroma key filter in the red square, so I can change the green screen setting without picking up "greenish" part in my room. I've tryed to use the masks filter but it didn't worked for me...
  4. raffertyuy

    Multiple chroma based on color?

    Hi, I'm trying to do multiple images/chroma keys while looping this video: As you can see in the video, there's green, blue, and red in this video. How can I choose the image that is shown based on the color? My challenge here is that I have 3 images...
  5. D

    Hardware for webcam+chromakey @1080p output to Zoom and record @1080p?

    I've been using OBS for Zoom presentations. I use a webcam with greenscreen behind me and chroma key it in OBS. I layer a background behind the camera input. Then I put image files as a slideshow in OBS as the top layer, displayed as a small box in the upper corner. This produces a nice...
  6. bobbylyte

    OBS crashing after 10 minutes of recording

    I'm running Mac OS Catalina version: 10.15.7 (19H2) It's a Macbook 16 inch, bought a few months ago, so it's quite new. Here's the crash text Mac displays: Process: obs [2123] Path: /Applications/ Identifier...
  7. corbu

    Reverse/Inverted Color Key or Reverse Alpha Channel in OBS?

    Hi, I'm trying to achieve some kind of reverse color key effect in OBS. I'm creating a sort of music education show were I play the piano, and I want to overlay certain colors over certain notes on the camera feed. That part is easy: However, when I play those keys on the piano, my hands go...
  8. O

    Cannot click anything in the window capture. please help newbie here

    please help me fix my issues in using obs. 1. i see some tutorial that it's allowed to click anything inside the "window capture" but I cannot click anything in my window capture. it stuck and won't allow clicking everything in my window capture. what do I need to do? here;s the screenshot...
  9. B

    Question / Help Chroma key not functioning

    Hi, I'm starting to get into streaming, and wanted to get a chroma key screen, so i bought a black one off of amazon (I know, not the best idea, but figured it would be better than nothing) but when i go to set up the chromakey filter in OBS, the presets work fine, and makes some of the stuff in...
  10. M

    Question / Help Pick up color from screen not working

    Hi guys, i have to pick up the color for the chroma key without green screen but it doesn't work at all, i can pick up the color just from the color palette windows and not from the webcam as seen in the windows tutorial's a bug for mac? i tried with mojave and catalina system.
  11. N

    Question / Help Insert Chroma Key correctly

    Hello, I have a green roller blind and use OBS. But the background is not removed correctly. Are there any other plugins or settings to improve this?
  12. G

    Question / Help OBS 24.0.6 Chroma Key Issues?

    Are there any known issues with this release and Chroma Keying? I have tried every trick I know to get a clean Chroma Keying image from my green screen. The end effect is always noise around the edges. The subject is far in front of the screen and is well lit, and the green screen behind...
  13. Nikatine

    Question / Help Should I upgrade my Streaming PC's GPU?

    Hi there! Currently using a Dual PC Stream setup. Stream PC Specs as follows: PROCESSOR: Intel Core i5-8400 CPU @ 2.80 GHz RAM: 8.00 GB (7.66 usable) MOBO: ASROCK Intel H310 Chip Set Micro ATX Motherboard h310 m – HDV/M. 2 WINDOWS 10 64-bit Home VIDEO CAPTURE: CAMLINK 4K (with Sony...
  14. Doomer

    Better processing over Chroma Key filter

    I have a Logitech Brio webcam and was looking for webcam settings in my Zoom app, and noticed that they applied a chroma key automatically using my room white wall, without any setup! I tried to reproduce this effect into OBS without success, would be amazing if we can achieve same results...
  15. S

    Bug Report Green Screen/Chroma Key working only partially...

    So I recently got a green screen. I got the Chroma Key filter, and at first it worked pretty well, but then all of a sudden it started changing. This happened randomly, although it seemed to be more frequent when I moved around. Part of the screen wouldn't be keyed, or part of me would become...
  16. J

    The homemade chroma key filter I have developed cannot change the color of the commonly used green and blue background colors.

    Hello everyone, I refer to the OBS Studio 20.1.0 documentation written by the forum and the chroma_key_filter.effect on github. In the recent self-made obs-studio filter, I have a problem. I don’t think how to solve it. I would like to ask you here, I hope I can get some suggestions or answers...
  17. wedotdd

    Question / Help Add Chroma Key to Finished Video?

    I assume this is not possible but figured I'd try to find out anyway. I forgot to add a chroma key to my video game stream. So my camera shows a green background. is there a way in OBS to after the fact edit the MP4 and still make it transparent? I tried but it turned it into a black...
  18. J

    How does OBS-Studio Chroma key work in real-time processing Alpha matting?

    I am currently interested in the technology of Chroma key. I like to play games myself. Also played Youtube live, But I have been wondering how the Mask (matte) of Chroma key is taken? I used Mask to remove the background background in Photoshop, but how does it work in OBS-Studio? It took me...
  19. mr_dynasty

    Question / Help Chroma Key Stinger

    Im trying to use this as my stinger on OBS Studio but I dont know if I can or how to use a chroma key on it. Is that even possible to do? What would be the alternative for this?
  20. Z

    Question / Help Help with chroma key

    I’m new here and not really sure where to post this so I apologize. I’ve been using chroma key flawlessly for the past year. Yesterday I attempted to stream my chroma key is spotting on my face and mic. I am almost positive it is from light coming off of my monitor. The game I am playing is...