Hardware for webcam+chromakey @1080p output to Zoom and record @1080p?


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I've been using OBS for Zoom presentations. I use a webcam with greenscreen behind me and chroma key it in OBS. I layer a background behind the camera input. Then I put image files as a slideshow in OBS as the top layer, displayed as a small box in the upper corner. This produces a nice "newscaster" effect with my slides and makes for dynamic presentations.
Problem is, I need to be able to output these live to Zoom or MSTeams at 1080p (virtual camera) and simultaneously record them to my computer in 1080p as well. My poor laptop is struggling to do it all at once. I'm getting flicker, dropped frames, audio/video synch problems, and so forth.

The laptop has an i7-8565U cpu, 16gb ram, and an MX150 gpu.

Since this is a massive part of my job, I'm going to dive into my (limited) IT budget at work to solve it. What I need to know is where my major bottleneck is and what I should be buying to help the computer manage all of this load.

Thanks for your advice!