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    Looking for some help, primarily with performance.

    Hi there! So I'm having a few problems with Streaming on OBS and I'd like a little help if anyone has any ideas. So I just started streaming for the first time last week and I've been having some issues, mostly performance. My setup consists of a Ryzen 5 3400G and a Radeon RX580, with 32 Gigs of...
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    Hardware Recommendation

    I'm looking into starting to play around with capturing HDMI streams (4k and 1080p); currently for later uploading to Youtube, but not for live streaming. I have a Linux server here with a couple of VMs that I might want to try using for capturing (not sure how well this will work without GPU...
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    Dedicated Server for Several Simultaneous Live Streams

    Hello Guys. I wonder if anyone here could answer this question. I was on YouTube the other day and saw someone live streamed 10 video at the same time. I did some research and figured that this isn't possible with a traditional computer. Because you have to have instances of OBS Software...
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    Hardware for webcam+chromakey @1080p output to Zoom and record @1080p?

    I've been using OBS for Zoom presentations. I use a webcam with greenscreen behind me and chroma key it in OBS. I layer a background behind the camera input. Then I put image files as a slideshow in OBS as the top layer, displayed as a small box in the upper corner. This produces a nice...
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    Multiple camera setup

    Hi everyone, just wondering if this setup would work, it’s for a small museum that are pulling to live steam talks and music events. cameras: 2x canon 80D 1x Sony PXW 090 mixer: Roland V- 1HD Mac Pro is this over kill on the mixer? Will OBS studio take three inputs? What’s the best way...
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    Question / Help Maximum bitrate in OBS Studio - not streaming service dependent

    Some background on me: I am a technical expert turned A/V expert through my job in enterprise IT moving to enterprise IT for a large live theater. I am good with tech and networking and currently stream online using a two computer setup, NDI stream, capture cards, network audio... with gigabit...