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Hi everyone,

just wondering if this setup would work, it’s for a small museum that are pulling to live steam talks and music events.

2x canon 80D
1x Sony PXW 090

Roland V- 1HD

Mac Pro

is this over kill on the mixer? Will OBS studio take three inputs? What’s the best way to capture multiple cameras for live stream?


Not familiar with the mixer My setup is a bit lower-end Though I do have 3 webcams and 2 IP cams as video inputs for OBS
I assume you are using a Capture Card or Camlink to take the HDMI output from the mixer
What are you using to get the HDMI output from the mixer to the computer for OBS


Onmy 2015 MacBook Pro I use three video inputs (and have used 4 before).

- PTZ Camera via Elgato Camlink 4K
- Canon camcorder via Elgato HD60 SD+
- 1 or 2 iphones via OBS iPhone app

I'm jealous that you have a Mac Pro running your setup though!