1. Q

    webcam setup

    hello, do you know how to change the default values of the webcam configuration? For exposure for example, automation is always checked and always at -6 Thank you very much
  2. B

    In the Beginning... Digging Out of Acronym Hell

    I found OBS while searching for training or guidance in setting up a video studio. I have set up my equipment and consider myself fairly knowledgeable in computers, but the terms are daunting—worse for me than Pig Latin. What to plug where, how to set lighting levels. Maybe I should spend hours...
  3. A

    xbox to laptop

    hi, i will be getting a capture card to connect xbox s to laptop to use the laptop as a monitor for playing downloaded games only, no recording or multiplayer at this point.. the help page for this seems to be missing.. do i choose options for virtual camera in the setup? ie auto config...
  4. F

    New Multi Livestream Setup

    Hello, I am new to this so please forgive my ignorance if I get anything wrong, or make incorrect assumptions. I will try to explain what I am trying to achieve as best as I can. I am in the UK from a sports club. We want to create a livestream for each sports pitch we have - 3 in total. The...
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    Setup assist for new OBS user

    ok, I work for a City and we are using one of the legal broadcasters (which is horrible) and looking to send a direct feed to Meta Business suite. I am going to be sending from live mics>mixer board>BMD Audio to SDI>BMD Web Presenter. What settings do I select in the setup menu to get this to...
  6. C

    New User looking for help setting up audio

    Hi guys, I'm very new to recording / streaming. I am using the microphone auna MIC-900B with physical pop filters with following OBS filters: Gain (7,7 db) Noise Suppression (RNNoise) Limiter (-6 DB) Noise Gate (-32db / -26 db) Compressor (ratio 10:1 / Threshold -18 db / Attack 6 ms / Release...
  7. M

    Xbox Stream stutters - GPU upgrade ok?

    My Setup now is not the best: i5-2500k | Gtx 1050ti | 16gb ddr3 RAM the thing is, because i can not spend that much, i‘m not sure what i should upgrade first. My thoughts are to upgrade the GPU first, because i use the new NVENC to stream and have room for my CPU to do the rest. The Stream...
  8. S

    Separate Audio outputs

    Hello. I’m looking for some advice. I’m new to the streaming revolution. I have a basic set up. I will detail it bellow. To get to the point of my question though... I would like to be able to record my game (let’s say COD warzone). Both audio and visual. I would also like to record my...
  9. E

    Multiple camera setup

    Hi everyone, just wondering if this setup would work, it’s for a small museum that are pulling to live steam talks and music events. cameras: 2x canon 80D 1x Sony PXW 090 mixer: Roland V- 1HD Mac Pro is this over kill on the mixer? Will OBS studio take three inputs? What’s the best way...
  10. L

    no matter what i try, my display capture is blurry

    Hi everyone, im seriously willing to pay someone to set this up for me. I spent 12 hours today trying to set up a display capture, and no matter what pixels or bitrate I choose, the quality is just so blurry, it looks like i have a film over my eyes when i look at it. Also, I cannot set up audio...
  11. J


    Hello guys i am new in this forum, actually i register to ask you guys this question: Can this setup be used to stream gameplay from another pc ? My request for the stream are : 1280x720 with 60fps ( 3000-3500 bitrate for multiplayer game and 4000 for solo game ) I will use an elgato HD60 to...
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    Question / Help Setting Up MultiCam for Podcast

    Hey everyone, sure this has been posted before but I am unable to find anything so if there is a thread please link it. Basically I am looking to start live streaming a podcast I do with a friend and am trying to figure out how to set up a multicam for it. The person and I who do the podcast...
  13. H

    Question / Help External Encoder, how to setup?

    Hello, I use with OBS for my streams to simultaneously send out to Youtube and Twitch at the same time. Restream started promoting a giveaway for a product from Videon called the Sonora, which is an external hardware encoder. Basically it seems to act like a capture card combined...
  14. W

    Question / Help Need some recording setup advice and informations

    Hello everyone, I' m sorry if those questions has been asked before. My laptop specs: Intel skylale i7 6700HQ 2.6GHZ 4 GB Nvidia Gtx 965m 16gb ram 250 gb ssd 1tb 5600rpm hdd Windows 10 64bit Here are my questions. In advance sorry for my English. I' m recording game for youtube and I use...