Question / Help External Encoder, how to setup?


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I use with OBS for my streams to simultaneously send out to Youtube and Twitch at the same time. Restream started promoting a giveaway for a product from Videon called the Sonora, which is an external hardware encoder. Basically it seems to act like a capture card combined with an encoding computer in one box. It takes an HDMI input, connects via ethernet to your router, and you can configure it via web interface to various streaming services including Currently i try to offload the majority of the encoding load off my main PC using the NDI plugin, and have a second PC capturing that as a source and streaming that. If i could replace that entire PC with an encoder box like this, I think that would be kind of cool but realizing it needs an HDMI input has me wondering how to output to it via OBS so alerts and overlays and such all show properly. Cloning the screen to be sent out via HDMI wont work since that would essentially bypass OBS, and thus no overlays/alerts/etc.

Has anyone used OBS with an external encoder device like the one described above? How was it setup? Any info on this? Not having too much luck finding info on setting OBS up with one of these types of devices.

Thanks in advance.