Question / Help Need some recording setup advice and informations


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Hello everyone,

I' m sorry if those questions has been asked before.

My laptop specs:

Intel skylale i7 6700HQ 2.6GHZ
4 GB Nvidia Gtx 965m
16gb ram
250 gb ssd
1tb 5600rpm hdd
Windows 10 64bit
Here are my questions. In advance sorry for my English.

I' m recording game for youtube and I use nvenc and bitrate: 30000, 1920x1080 resolution.

When I open the game I can play without lowering game setup but when I open obs studio the recording gone so laggy. So, I always lowering graphics and changing resolution of game.

If I change encoder to quicksync or x264 would it helper to gpu? I mean when I play the game and there is no problem with the graphics but recording comes laggy even if I still play without fps lost or lag.

I always try to lower graphics(changing resolution, turning borderless or window mode on and lower graphics) of the game for catching both my gameplay and recording without any lag.

On youtube it says bitrate should be appx 15000 when we recording 1080p but everyone recommends at least 40000 and I cannot find the answer why?

Here ia one of my videos. It's nvenc, 1920x1080 output and 30000 bitrate. For getting this video I've changed game resolution 1600x900 and made some graphica specs to low and closed some graphic options.

I can play the game high resolution without lowering anythin. But when I try also recording with these specs game turns out so laggy. So, I'm making changes I mentioned before for making game and the recording no laggy.

Thank you for reading and helping me in advance.