Separate Audio outputs

Sir Jimbo

New Member
I’m looking for some advice. I’m new to the streaming revolution. I have a basic set up. I will detail it bellow. To get to the point of my question though...

I would like to be able to record my game (let’s say COD warzone). Both audio and visual. I would also like to record my microphone. And also record discord. But I would like to record them all separately. On different channels. So that if I wanted to edit in say premiere pro I could adjust the gain on each separate audio. Is this even possible?

My setup is i5 4th gen. nvidia thx 970 4gig. I have a condenser Mike into the input on the pc via phantom power. The output goes to a splitter which I can switch between my headphones and my speakers. I also have a HD webcam

I will be buying a USB DAC at some point. But don’t yet. I have also seen some people use a second PC.

Thank you in advance.