Question / Help Setting Up MultiCam for Podcast


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Hey everyone, sure this has been posted before but I am unable to find anything so if there is a thread please link it. Basically I am looking to start live streaming a podcast I do with a friend and am trying to figure out how to set up a multicam for it. The person and I who do the podcast live in different areas so we do this over the internet. We do our calls on discord in case that has an effect on how to work it.

Tomasz Góral

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You need:
- private rtmp server (e.g. nginx-rtmp with internet IP)
- OBS x3
- OBS no. 1 send video from your camera to private server
- OBS no. 2 send video from your friend camera to private server
- OBS no. 3 i think 3 scene, first for only your camera, second for your friend camera, and last both camera, this stream can be recorder as Podcast (director who change scene live)

On your computer run VLC and open connection from private server to camera your friend, and your friend connect vlc to your camera on private server, you can use ffplay (set short latency) if you don't like VLC.

In this solution you need 3 people (you, friend and director who change scene live), of course you can use two OBS and save to file, and in the editor prepare podcast, in this solution need more time for work.