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  1. Kosik_3

    Doubled microphone audio while using app audio capture (beta)

    Hey, Im starting to lossing my mind did everything like on youtube videos to capture music and leave stream VOD without it but no matter what instead of capturing web browser (I use microsoft edge) the obs captures my microphone second time. My browser has not gotten permission to capture my mic...
  2. A

    Video was still recording after power outage

    Last night while I was recording my power went out, I knew immediately something was going to happen to it. It is an MKV file and I can watch the entire thing on VLC but anywhere else it's like it's a never ending video. Does anyone know how to fix this?
  3. JoeKen

    Is there any way to still get multiple virtual camera inputs on OBS 29?

  4. E

    Blurry/distorted text when downscaling from 4k to 1080p

    I have been trying to record from a 4k monitor and downscale it to 1080p. But no matter how I played around with the output and video setting in OBS, the text in the recorded video is extremely blurry. My settings are: Output Output Mode: Simple Recording Quality: Indistinguishable Quality...
  5. F

    resolution changes makes the preview error

    I ran OBS on my desktop first. Then I connected to my computer through Microsoft Remote Desktop in Android. It changes the resolution (from 1280 * 1024 to 1080 * 2400). When I disconnect the remote desktop, I find that the preview fails. As shown in the figure below, the screen is distorted, and...
  6. K

    Is there a way to record a tab but not hear the tab while its recording?

    Sorry, i tried finding something online about this and couldnt find my exact idea. Is it possible to record a video from a tab, but not hear the tab while its recording (however the sound shows up on the recording?) it would be ideal to be able to listen to other things in other tabs at the same...
  7. M.A.L

    Sudden lag after last OBS update

    First of all, sorry for the annoyance, but i am still a novice at this and after a while searching for guidance in videos and other posts i am kinda out of options. Straight to the point, i used OBS for the first time a couple of months back for some clip recording (some speedrun attempts) and...
  8. F

    Hello, I really like how my videos look right now. The problem is that I need 2 audio tracks which is something not possible in simple output settings

    So my question is simply: What settings do I need to set up in the advanced tab to get the same-looking results? Take a look at the screenshot to see what I want to achieve in the advanced tab!
  9. H

    Obs Dropping frames when preview is on !

    Hello , I've been having a problem recently with obs . When the preview is on I get frame drops if I'm in game (windowed or fullscreen ) but , if I disable the preview drops never happen and game fps boosts and this happens even when I'm not streaming or recording just running obs and the game ...
  10. C

    Help - OBS Stream Error - NVENC Error

    Hello All I am hoping someone can help me, recently my OBS has started getting an Encoding Error I have looked but can't figure out why. It does it at random times so not a consistent error but seems to be if I interact with OBS while the stream is on even if it is just writing in the chat...
  11. K

    Look-Ahead not working...

    When I bought my new graphics card (GTX 750 ti) the ''Look-Ahead'' option worked perfectly and greatly improved the quality of my streams and recordings (with bfs set to 4) over time I noticed that the quality of my streams and recordings went down too low without having moved anything in the...
  12. H

    What is a good bitrate for recording 1080p 60Fps?

    I've been using Obs for a few months now and have never found the "Best" settings. I've heard bitrate can be the problem, so I decided to post here. What bitrate setting should I use? Like Cqp,Cbr, Vbr, or whatever. And what numbers? Thanks in advance. :) GPU: RX580 (4GB) CPU: i5 9400F RAM...
  13. T

    Can't get stream to look crisp

    Hey guys, lately i've noticed that my stream doesn't look very crisp and looks quite blurry at times(mainly when i'm moving my camera in game etc). I thought that it could've been because i was trying to stream 1080p60 on the affiliate limit of 6000kbps. Today however, I lowered my settings to...
  14. MechaMaster

    Custom Stinger Transition Not Working As Intended

    So I recently made some custom Stinger transitions to add style to my livestreams and while they work, they don't work exactly in my favour. You see the transition goes from point A to B as most will already expect and know, but for some reason going from Point A to B in my transitions is almost...
  15. B

    Video Comes out Laggy and Choppy

    I am able to record the video just fine and really don't experience any drop in frames during gameplay. However, whenever I go to view the video, it comes out laggy, skipping, et cetera. It's happened multiple times for multiple games. Help is graciously welcomed!
  16. MikisSunshine Creates

    Recording is Jumpy and Doesn't Sync

    I created a small scene using my iSight camera on my iMac and have it nicely positioned to do a pic in pic. It shows me in the upper right side. However, before I even start recording it's jumpy and blurry and what I say doesn't sync up to what you see. I have no idea what's wrong. I'm running...
  17. S

    OBS Recording Issues With Editor (Da Vinci Resolve)

    I need some help figuring out this issue with OBS recordings and Da Vinci Resolve. My media isn't appearing as offline entirely, only a frame every once and a while. I've tried multiple settings fixes for both OBS and Da Vinci and it still hasn't fixed it. Watching the footage in VLC looks just...
  18. T

    Audio meter shows green but no sound in stream output or monitor

    Just experienced this issue today. Audio comes from an audio interface. The audio meter bar is lit up green as normal, but no audio on stream. Any idea for a fix? attached are some photos of my settings.
  19. Mishasama

    Is there possible to select VBR for Core AAC?

    I found it will use VBR when using FFmpeg. But it will use CBR when using Core AAC no matter what.
  20. Mishasama

    What's the AAC encoder profile selection logic?

    When at the same bitrate. I found it will choose HE-AAC almost times, but sometimes it will choose HE-AACv2. If I go higher bitrate, it will choose LC. Why? And I want to know the selection logic, thanks.