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  1. T

    Can't get stream to look crisp

    Hey guys, lately i've noticed that my stream doesn't look very crisp and looks quite blurry at times(mainly when i'm moving my camera in game etc). I thought that it could've been because i was trying to stream 1080p60 on the affiliate limit of 6000kbps. Today however, I lowered my settings to...
  2. MechaMaster

    Custom Stinger Transition Not Working As Intended

    So I recently made some custom Stinger transitions to add style to my livestreams and while they work, they don't work exactly in my favour. You see the transition goes from point A to B as most will already expect and know, but for some reason going from Point A to B in my transitions is almost...
  3. B

    Video Comes out Laggy and Choppy

    I am able to record the video just fine and really don't experience any drop in frames during gameplay. However, whenever I go to view the video, it comes out laggy, skipping, et cetera. It's happened multiple times for multiple games. Help is graciously welcomed!
  4. MikisSunshine Creates

    Recording is Jumpy and Doesn't Sync

    I created a small scene using my iSight camera on my iMac and have it nicely positioned to do a pic in pic. It shows me in the upper right side. However, before I even start recording it's jumpy and blurry and what I say doesn't sync up to what you see. I have no idea what's wrong. I'm running...
  5. S

    OBS Recording Issues With Editor (Da Vinci Resolve)

    I need some help figuring out this issue with OBS recordings and Da Vinci Resolve. My media isn't appearing as offline entirely, only a frame every once and a while. I've tried multiple settings fixes for both OBS and Da Vinci and it still hasn't fixed it. Watching the footage in VLC looks just...
  6. T

    Audio meter shows green but no sound in stream output or monitor

    Just experienced this issue today. Audio comes from an audio interface. The audio meter bar is lit up green as normal, but no audio on stream. Any idea for a fix? attached are some photos of my settings.
  7. Mishasama

    Is there possible to select VBR for Core AAC?

    I found it will use VBR when using FFmpeg. But it will use CBR when using Core AAC no matter what.
  8. Mishasama

    What's the AAC encoder profile selection logic?

    When at the same bitrate. I found it will choose HE-AAC almost times, but sometimes it will choose HE-AACv2. If I go higher bitrate, it will choose LC. Why? And I want to know the selection logic, thanks.
  9. F

    Started streaming from GPU - video freezes for chat but everything is fine on my end

    Hey, I'm having an issue since I swapped from a 1070 graphics card to 2080. When I was using my 1070 I encoded on my CPU because the GPU couldn't handle NVENC all that well. My stream never had any crashing issues. Part of the reason I wanted to upgrade was to use NVENC. I've been using my...
  10. X

    OBS streaming settings for I5-8600k GTX 1060 6GB ram 32gb

    Hey, Im mainly looking to stream valorant/csgo/apex/pubg/gtav, can you guys help me out with all settings? Im also not sure wether to use NVENC or x264, Ive watched a few tutorials but didnt understand much, thanks in advance! (I want to stream at 1080p 60fps) (My internet is 600/600)
  11. E

    Having problems with my recording quality.

    Hello,Im experiencing a very frustrating issue for me.Whenever I try to record my game the video always looks like 360p on YouTube and its very distorted and looks like its decaying,best way I can describe it.Thsi happens every time I use the Advanced Output Mode option in the output section,but...
  12. S

    OBS Screen pulsing / glitching

    Hi, you will see immediately what my issue is in the video above. Here's the log for that video attached. Any help is appreciate it since I can't find any solution online. Thanks
  13. A

    Window capture of any browser blacks out when I click off OBS

    Hi! Whenever I use window capture to capture a browser (tested with Edge and Chrome, hardware acceleration turned off in both), the capture goes black when I click off OBS. Neither me nor multiple other people could figure out the root of the problem. I've tried capturing with different capture...
  14. H

    Question/Help My OBS recording looks bright and grainy/sharpened
  15. B

    HELP! Dual PC Stream Setup. RTX 3070 Cannot Stream & Record

    I recently got a new Streaming PC for my dual setup. This one has: i7 12700K MSI RTX 3070 32GB of Ram Windows 10 64 at idle with OBS open and NOT recording or streaming it would be at 47 Percent usage. When I would start streaming it would shoot up to 75 percent and stay there. Trying to...
  16. C

    Badlion issues

    Whenever I try to record badlion it makes everything green and I go from around 300fps to around 2fps It makes it impossible to record please help me.
  17. G

    Recording freezes frequently on long recording sessions.

    So i want to speedrun Resident Evil 3 and when i try to record a run which usually lasts for about a 50-60mins my recording freezes for random amounts of time but audio continues. When i was doing test recording that last about 5 mins everything was working fine as intended. How do i fix this...
  18. Z

    Help! I factory reset my computer to fix a pc problem I was having and lost my files

    Help. I was having a pc issue and factory reset my computer to try to fix it, which it did, however, i think I forgot to add my obs stuff to my backup so I lost all my obs scene collection I used for streaming, my transition, everything. Is there anyway to get those files back? please help
  19. T

    Windows 11 Black Screen Bug

    I updated to windows 11 and now whenever I go to record either window capture or gameplay it just records a black screen. Sound works fine. Obs was working well before I updated to Windows 11. I can record display but not specific windows. Here is the log file...
  20. S

    Do you guys know any app to compress my videos quick and easy?

    Hi there! I need an app that helps me compress my videos without losing a lot of quality. Any advice?