OBS launches on the wrong monitor every time. Doesn't remember where I moved it to.


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As the title says... a little more information though; I have the StreamElements plugin installed and that seems to be the only thing causing it (uninstalling it is not an option) SE says they have no clue why their plugin might be the cause. If I close OBS while in windowed mode it remembers the last location I dragged it to, if I close it in full screen it will not remember. I tried closing OBS from the system tray, from the X on the top right, the exit button, nothing works and it launches elsewhere.

edit: I already reinstalled OBS twice. Didn't fix the issue.

As of 6/15/23 I have all the latest updates for both OBS and SE plugin.


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I have the same problem and I do not have SteamElements plugin installed.

OBS always opens on the wrong screen (I have four). If I drag OBS to the correct screen, all subsequent dialog windows (e.g. settings) still open on the wrong screen. This is highly annoying. Especially since this wrong screen is a pen tablet and only switched on when I actually need it.