1. D

    Streamelements Alerts break soundflower/blackhole

    I am new to OBS. Trying to use it to stream on Twitch with my 2018 Mac Mini. Currently, I have blackhole/soundflower setup to allow me to play Spotify on my stream. This works just fine until my streamelements alerts become activated. When the alert happens, the audio from the alert does not...
  2. HetIsJoey

    Free CurrentSong Overlay [Spotify/StreamElements and more to come]

    The application allows users to show the playing song without worrying too much about the setup. Current Platforms/Features Spotify StreamElements NightBot And a custom command for bots(StreamElements/StreamLabs/NightBot) More features to come like(Custom designed SubGoal/Chat Overlay and...
  3. D

    Free [RUS] StreamAuction (using StreamElements points) 2.0

    (пока только русский язык) (only Russian language now, but it doesn't ruin most features) RU: Инструкции к программе в самой программе, кнопка ПОМОЩЬ справа снизу. Проведение аукционов с помощью StreamElements поинтов. Зрители пытаются выкупить свой товар с помощью простой команды в чате...
  4. D

    Twitch Stream Is Laggy

    I have tried everything and I still cant seem to get my stream to not lag. Ive tried 1080 60 and 30fps at 6000 down to 1500, 720 60 and 30fps from 6000 to 1500. Ive referenced Nvidias recommended settings since I have a RTX 2070 super. My upload and download speeds are around 100-120Mbps. I...
  5. A

    Question / Help Audio/Mic issues streaming with Xbox to HD60pro

    Hey guys, I have come across a few issues when streaming to my PC using the internal HD60pro - when streaming I need to use a ChatLink cable in order to have the Xbox Party Chat. My issue is the ChatLink cable is picking up my voice from my headset mic and as far as I'm aware that's not supposed...
  6. Gr1mmShot

    Question / Help My streamelements OBS won't connect to chat anymore

    So my streamelements obs won't connect to my twitch chat anymore. I'm not sure if it's due to an update or what, but it just started doing it out of nowhere. I've tried resetting my stream key, refreshing the module within obs... nothing works and it's annoying to have to sit there with the...