Streamelements Alerts break soundflower/blackhole


New Member
I am new to OBS. Trying to use it to stream on Twitch with my 2018 Mac Mini.

Currently, I have blackhole/soundflower setup to allow me to play Spotify on my stream. This works just fine until my streamelements alerts become activated. When the alert happens, the audio from the alert does not play, yet, it does interrupt the blackhole/soundflower (level goes down to 0) until I refresh the browser source or restart OBS, then Spotify audio returns to a normal level.

Mac Output = Blackhole/soundflower
OBS input = blackhole/soundflower

I've heard about setting up a multi-output device on my Mac, but, so far it doesn't help.

Any advice on how to setup OBS properly so that I can hear the alert and Spotify without causing the regular output to stop?

TLDR; audio works until browser source alert happens. At this time the regular output is interrupted and does not come back.