Strem is a free and open source stream automation tool for PC (Windows only atm) which lets you control 3rd party apps/services through user defined flows and portals as well as having a simple to use and easy to extend plugin system.

It also contains a bespoke real-time todo system that lets you create todos from various sources to action during/at the end of your streams, as well as customizable portals that can be loaded in any browser and control aspects of your automated flows.




Key Features
  • Free & Open Source
  • OBS Integration (v28+ WS natively, v4 WS via plugin)
  • Twitch, Twitter, StreamElements Integration
  • Analytics Plugin
  • Contextual & Scoped Variables
  • Custom Portals (Buttons to drive flows)
  • Custom Todo Actioning System
  • Sub-Flow Support For Nested Flow Logic
  • Simple & Extensible Plugin System
  • Easy To Develop For As It's Web Tech Under The Hood
Use Cases
Most of you have already used other tools like this, but for anyone who hasn't, the use cases for tools like this are:
  • Automating viewer interactions/commands on stream
  • Controlling & Automating OBS from button presses
  • Automating clip production
  • Tracking custom data, i.e death counters etc
  • Making custom chat commands
  • So much more
How To Install
You can install this via winget or via the portable strem distribution on github.
  • On winget as Strem.App (i.e winget install Strem.App then strem to load on terminal)
  • Portable App via Strem Github Releases
More Information
You can find more information about the project here:
I started this tool because I was getting a bit annoyed with some constraints on other tools, such as not being able to persist variables between application runs, or having too much complexity around reacting to triggers from 3rd party systems etc. Also you are often in a queue for feature requests/bugs with other tools in this space, whereas here you can fix it yourself if you know how to code.

The tool is still in its infancy but it has gotten to the point where I am using it for my streams and while its early days its come a long way already (work was only started on it a couple of months ago). I am at the point now where I wanted to start making it more public to the wider world that it exists to both give others a chance to use it and also get user feedback and potentially get assistance with user/feature testing (For example I have not accepted affiliate, so I cannot test all affiliate related functionality in twitch myself so have to ask friends to do it )

Future Work
There is a lot more I want to do with the tool such as:
  • Add more API integrations
  • Native Client based apps for portal interaction
  • Adding support for other operating systems like Mac/Linux
  • Adding Stream Deck support (I don't have a stream deck at the moment to test on)
  • Many more things
Thank you for taking the time to read, and if you would like to help us develop the tool more you can provide feedback or raise issues on the github or via our Strem Discord Server.
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Working pretty flawlessly so far!
Great to hear, if you have any issues please let us know in github issues or on discord.