Is there a way to record a tab but not hear the tab while its recording?


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Sorry, i tried finding something online about this and couldnt find my exact idea. Is it possible to record a video from a tab, but not hear the tab while its recording (however the sound shows up on the recording?) it would be ideal to be able to listen to other things in other tabs at the same time, but not have those show up on the recording (but if its not possible i'll take what I can get). From what i know of, its application based rather than tab based so technically i could just have mozilla and chrome open at the same time, one for whatever im doing and one for whatever OBS is recording. right? still need to figure out the first part though.

Also, i'm not very OBS savvy, so explaining in a way that you'd explain to a beginner would be great.


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Sounds like you need to map out your sound from your browser. You can look into doing this, using software like voicemeeter potato, and specifying the audio source to be captured in OBS.


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One native to OBS alternative to dealing with VoiceMeeter for this specific thing is:

If you wanted to say, show a YouTube video on OBS and have sound play to stream but not hear it yourself...
  • Make a browser source. Right click in your sources and select "Browser Source".
  • In the properties for the browser source, set your url and size, etc, then select the checkbox "Control audio via OBS" and hit OK
  • Then access the "advanced audio properties" panel. (There should be a button in the audio mixer panel with a couple gears that opens it)
    If the browser in actively playing sound, it'll be in this panel no matter what, but if not, uncheck "active sources only" and you'll see all potential audio sources.
  • Now there is a drop down menu for the sources for "audio monitoring". If you set it to "Monitor Off" it will play to stream, but not to you.
To interact with the browser source to press play or what have you, when the source is selected in your sources panel, an "interact" button will show up below the OBS preview, and you click that to open a version of the source you can click on or type in or what have you.

When it comes to listening to other things, you could use your regular browser, and just don't bother to define your main speakers to OBS. You can always make a source for capturing the audio you want to capture instead of mapping your entire speaker output.