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  1. W

    What's the best settings to record Minecraft? with motion blur and stuff, for pvp

    So I've been trying to get the best settings for Minecraft pvp, but yeah it doesn't look good at all. I've been looking on youtube, etc just to find the right settings and I was actually done so I found out that I can ask here just for the right settings for minecraft pvp stuff. Also I use x264...
  2. V

    OBS Live doesn't capture headphone audio

    I've scoured the forums looking for an answer and nothing I've tried seems to work. This is the first time this has happened, It was working great this whole time until now. For some reason whenever I have my headphones plugged in OBS Live will not capture any audio at all, however if I unplug...
  3. Grilo

    Celeron/Pentium can run OBS for webcam stream

    Hey there. I'm building a really budget computer for a client, and he needs to use OBS to stream ONLY his webcam on YouTube. So, I was wondering if a Celeron G5905 can handle this. The parts are: NO GPU (only if I3F) Intel Celeron G5905 3.5GHz or Intel Pentium Gold G6400 4GHz 1x 8GB 2666...
  4. Y

    Game Capture crashes game (Quake Live)

    I've noticed an odd bug with OBS 26.1.1 (64-bit, windows). The video game "Quake-Live" on Steam will crash during a map load when you run OBS before starting the game that's already 'Capturing a specific window' (Quake-Live). However, OBS will capture just fine if you load a map on the video...
  5. G

    Laggy recording no matter how many guides I go through

    My game runs pretty well I'm recording Modded Minecraft but records pretty badly, my game stutters sometimes and my OBS will drop frames even though its ran as administrator. My Specs- Cpu: Intel Core i7 9750H 2.60GHz Ram: 16gb Dual-Channel Graphics: Intel UHD Graphics 630 and a NVIDIA GeForce...
  6. Y

    OBS Nvenc New Game Lag

    Hi, So recently I've been trying to use obs nvenc new to record my gameplay at cfr since shadowplay records at vfr. However, when using obs my framerate gets dropped a lot. Playing Modern Warfare I go from 200fps average to 130fps when record, which never happens when using shadowplay. I'm not...
  7. A

    3 digital cameras connect to Macbook Pro

    Hello all! I have a 2017 Macbook Pro with touch bar running Big Sur version 11.1. I'm looking to stream a performance to Zoom using OBS. We're currently planning on using 3 iPhones to stream to the laptop wirelessly as the video sources, and I've tested that to see how it works, and it works...
  8. S

    Getting a filter on a scene to automatically begin when the scene is selected

    Hi all first off new here apologies if I put this in the wrong place! I'm currently using Triggerfyre to set up a channel redemption which adds a filter over the top of my webcam I've got it all set up however the problem is the shader is a gradient colour that basically turns me white and...
  9. K

    OBS layout issue.

    A simple question really. How the hell do I get the stream chat to extend all the way down the left-hand side of the program. I've tried just about every possible Configuration for the layout and none of them will allow the chat to be as shown with the red box. Pretty sure this is something...
  10. cn_Dxy

    obs keeps crashing.

    when I use Electrn and obs_studio_node,when I gain the camera.the software will crash.Is there anyone who understands can help me.Thanks very much
  11. MannyYT

    Best obs settings for streaming/Recording

    My specs hp Laptop CPU: Win32, 4 Cores CPU AMD Athlon Gold 3150U with Radeon Graphics Base speed: 2.40 GHz Sockets: 1 Cores: 2 Logical processors: 4 Virtualization: Enabled GPU: Vendor: Google Inc. Renderer: ANGLE (AMD Radeon(TM) Vega 3 Graphics Direct3D11 vs_5_0 ps_5_0) Display...
  12. cn_Dxy

    Obs flash back

    I used Electron and OBS-studio-node, but after I got the camera of the system, the software process flashed back. Is there anyone who knows where I made a mistake? Could you please help me to answer my questions?Thank you very much
  13. C

    OBS is stuck at "Stopping Recording..." When trying to record 2 tracks at high fps.

    So I need to record 240FPS and have 2 audio tracks for a project I'm doing, but when I try to stop the recording, It gets stuck at "Stopping Recording...". When I tried to record with only one audio tracked, everything was fine and the recording stopped instantly. This doesn't happen at 60fps or...
  14. I

    Choppy stream footage without encoding overloaded or dropped frames.

    Ok, so as the title says, I am having weird periods of time during my stream where I am encountering choppy video without getting encoding overloaded or dropped frames. Here is an example of this happening: Now to preface, I am running a dual...
  15. Knucklesds

    When i open OBS, computer LAG

    I don't know what is the problem. Every time I open OBS, it starts lagging and slowing down my whole computer and other apps. I've checked, and it is not about the CPU usage problem. PLEASE HELP!
  16. P

    OBS not detecting audio from output

    For a while now, I've been wanting to be able to play music, a stream, etc. while I was streaming. And the headphones I use, SteelSeries Arctis 5, technically have two audio playback devices, "Arctis 5 Chat" and "Arctis 5 Game". My thought was that I could play the audio I wanted the stream to...
  17. A

    [SOLVED] My recorded video only shows certain frames but audio keeps playing Here's the log I'm not sure whether that's my setting issue or my specification issues
  18. P

    HELP save my 2hr recording! OBS "Stopping Recording"

    I'm well aware this has been answered in other places but my error seems to be different. It is not the same as the other questions who have been answered. My program is still open, i've left it running all night. I finished recording a show at 5AM it was over 2.5 hrs and it was stuck on...
  19. Psionic Ghost

    Stream Quality Improvement

    Can anyone help me improve quality? This is a nice spot but I was wondering if I can make it look even better.
  20. C

    Game Capture Problem (not the black screen problem)

    Hi there, I'm an OBS noob... I'm currently using Game Capture to record my Ableton Live screen. Everything works great, but when I get any sort of pop-up dialog box from within Ableton appears, OBS shifts from capturing Ableton as a whole and only captures the dialog box? After I close the...