Having problems with my recording quality.


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Hello,Im experiencing a very frustrating issue for me.Whenever I try to record my game the video always looks like 360p on YouTube and its very distorted and looks like its decaying,best way I can describe it.Thsi happens every time I use the Advanced Output Mode option in the output section,but when I use the Simple Output Mode it looka a lot better,but still looks like something around 460p on YouTube.My PC is Low Spec but the game Im pleying is also vey very easy to run and requires some barebone specs.BTW I am a begginer with OBS and have watched multiple videos on how to set it up on low specs but nothing helps,so I dodnt really know what all the stuff in options mean,Ive just set it to others recommendations.
When I use the Advanced Output Mode I have my bitrate set to 4000, and even if i bump it up to something like 7000 it still has the same distortion issue.
My other Output options are:
Recording format: mp4
Encode: x264
Rescale output:off
Custom Muxer Settings:none
Rate control:CBR
Buffer Size:20
Keyframe inrerval:0
CPU usage preset:veryfast
x264 options:none.
In the Video settings section I use 1280x720 for my base resolution and output resolution(16:5 aspect ratio),Lanczos as my downscale filter,and 60 fps.(Ive written this if it is needed)
When I use the Simple Output mode,i use mp4 as my video format and Indistinguishable Quality for the Video Quality,and the Encoder is set to Software ( x264 low CPU usgae).
Here is the log file if you need it: https://obsproject.com/logs/5Tcb8-yLh9Kn6Ye8
If you need any other Info please let me know,Ive been despreatly tring to fix this for many months and still cant fix it.I hope someone will be abled to help me.
Thanks for reading and thanks for your time!


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22:14:28.772: - source: 'Display Capture' (monitor_capture)
22:14:28.772: - source: 'PrBoom+' (game_capture)

dont use gamecapture and display capture in one scene
when you recod game dont use CBR use CQP use CBR only for streaming and use a higher bitrate

and dont record in Mp4 use MKW when you need MP4 remux it after recording problem is when USb or the PC crash MP4 files where coruppt !