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  1. TryPoseidon

    Help setting up OBS on Streaming PC.

    I am working on setting up a dual pc streaming. but i can quite get the settings right. Now the laptop/Streaming PC will do nothing but run the OBS so i am not concerned about the performance of other applications as long as the stream looks good and is stable. I have tested many settings and...
  2. E

    My webcam is backwards by default help

    When I was setting up obs I noticed that when I moved to the left I when to the right and when I went to the right I went to the left this happens even if I am recording pls help
  3. G

    Screen randomly cuts out in the middle of recording

    I'm trying to record a scene with a Capture Card (Going to a Nintendo Switch) a Webcam, and an Audio Interface on my 2018 Mac Mini with i7 32gb Ram and an AMD RX 580 in a Razer Core X eGPU Case. Almost every time I record, the Screen will randomly cut out to black for a few seconds, and then go...
  4. Jayeさん

    Annoying OBS stutter on every game...

    I hope I can finally get this resolved! So no matter what game I play, windowed, full-screen, windowed full-screen, the game-play is perfect. However, even when sitting idle, OBS has this weird stutter as you'll see and I think I've tried every possible option to resolve it. I've changed every...
  5. C

    Questions about how to set up OBS

    My current rig is a fx 6300, gtx 960, 12gb ram, 1080p monitor, 12mbps download speed and around 2.20-2.80 mbps upload speed. what should be the correct settings for my stream obs settings like resolution and bitrate(i´ve read the bitrate should be around 1300-1500kbps using x264 software) but...
  6. F

    obs shortens my video.

    Basically i decided to record some watch dogs 2 for about 50 minutes. when i went to see the video it only had 26 minutes meaning that obs shorten my video, idk if its important or not but i get the "encoding overload" message after 20-30 minutes. Is this the problem or is it missing space? P.S...
  7. AutComm

    keeps lagging

    Hello everyone I tried some stuff to fix lag and stuttering and frame drops but it only reduces it by a bit. The game is Minecraft if that's important. Are there some suggestions/ways to fix this? Thanks in advance for the help Here's the log
  8. Q

    My microphone doesn't register

    Hello! I put my microphone on track 1 and my headphones on track 2, when I record my sound moves as it records but when watching the video either we hear the microphone or the headphones In this example I do not hear my sounds of games but my voice yes in french Bonjour! J’ai mis mon micro sur...
  9. atcold

    Monitor webcam output while capturing screen *underneath*

    I haven't got meaningful results from Googling this, so here I ask for some pointers. Objective Capture screen and webcam in separate streams while monitoring the webcam output on the same screen. Rationale I want to record the screen while live coding / creating tutorials. Sometime I will...
  10. F

    I Record a 30 minute long video and it cuts into 26 minutes somebody help!!

    Ok so basically, i wanted to record some watch dogs 2 gameplay for my yt channel, i recorded a 30 min long video but before i put it on the editting software i decided to check if it was complete and realised the video would cut always around 26 minutes (recorded between 30 to 50 minutes). Idk...
  11. Charlore

    I cancelled my recording while it was being processed.

    I had spent a few hours recording with my friends, I had finished recording and clicked stop recording, it was taking a while to stop so I clicked it again, it immediately stopped and I got a bad feeling in my stomach, I checked the video and it was broken, please tell me there's a fix for this...
  12. J

    Low FPS but usage and temps are fine

    While I am gaming and streaming, my fps starts to drop slowly. it will start at 144 where I cap it, but it will eventually get to 70-80 fps while usage is around 60-70% and temp is below 80C. Anyone knows why this happens? GTX1660ti Inteli7 9750H 16GB Ram
  13. J

    Does having multiple scenes consume resources?

    Does only the scene I am using at the moment consume resources or does all scenes consume resources just because I have them? (suppose all scenes have sources) If all scenes consume resources, is it better to jam pack most sources I need into one scene or make separate scenes?
  14. Xciles

    OBS NDI (audio) delay issue

    Hi all. We are currently facing a strange audio delay (or out of sync) issue that requires some help after trying out various scenarios. I duo stream with my girlfriend on one channel and mainly use NDI to send both of our PCs sources to a network server which encodes and sends to Twitch...
  15. R

    Actual FPS always lower than what is set

    Hey so I am new to OBS. I am running at 59.94 fps but the actual FPS (as noted in the bottom right corner) is always about 10 frames lower. This seems to always be the case regardless of what I have the FPS set at. It is only using about 1% of the CPU so I am kind of stumped as to why the loss...
  16. F

    Cannot record a certain game

    I am unable to record and need some help. When I try to do it, it just shows a black screen. I know that other games show up, but not I'm pretty sure that I did the same thing with it. I am unsure of what the problem could be and how to fix it. Based on my log file, it looks...
  17. T

    Question / Help Recordings Dropping Frames

    I am attempting to record CS:GO in 1080p 60fps, something I have done many times before with other games in the past. However, all my recordings are lagging and stuttering. In the log file it shows a ~1% frame skip rate due to encoding lag, so I limited my fps in game to reduce GPU utilization...
  18. O

    Audio lag from gameplay

    So I recently bought a capture card and downloaded OBS as I wanted to try streaming/recording as a hobby. I've managed to get everything set up but I have one issue that the audio coming from my game console is out of sync (lags behind) with the video by a second. The solutions I have seen...
  19. K

    Is it possible, to recording a outgoing, not incoming stream?

    Hello. Firstly, I want to say I love OBS, because it's great program, that saved me from a lot of headaches. Thank you for creating it, and another thanks for making it free. But I have some questions. 1) Is it possible, to recording a outgoing, not incoming stream? If "no", are you have any...