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  1. C

    Game Capture Problem (not the black screen problem)

    Hi there, I'm an OBS noob... I'm currently using Game Capture to record my Ableton Live screen. Everything works great, but when I get any sort of pop-up dialog box from within Ableton appears, OBS shifts from capturing Ableton as a whole and only captures the dialog box? After I close the...
  2. Q

    Roblox, and every game extremely laggy when i record or stream.

    If i stand still it goes to a decent fps, but when i move, bam dips down hard, it goes for everything i record and it sometimes just has one frame per half a minute (brutal doom). Log:
  3. C

    Show a source based on what scene transitioned in from

    Okay, I don't know if I'm posting this in the right place (so if I didn't, I apologize) - and I'm going to try and word this the best I can. Say we have a video *source* called "Storm" and it's on *scene* "C" I want it to show "Storm" on "C" after transitioning from scene A or B, but not if...
  4. N

    Troubleshooting : Discord audio goes through both desktop audio AND microphone

    Hi everyone, I'm posting here after spending a while trying to understand how to correct this problem, so here goes : When I am using Discord for voice chat (on a voice channel in a server), at the same time as streaming/recording video using OBS Studio, my friends' voices are apparently being...
  5. P

    Laggy/Choppy video after recording game.

    So yeah... not much else to say. Trying to record, recording is laggy. Initial recording of the video is fine, but playback appears choppy. I was able to fix some of the issue by resetting OBS and using optimized settings for my laptop, is better but still a little choppy. And when I change...
  6. Psionic Ghost

    Stream Stuttering

    Can someone help me? Got a new PC and I sometimes stream only and others record. These were the settings I found best but in recording it's fine, stream however it's stuttering. Log Files: Specs: CPU: AMD Ryzen 5 3600 3.6 GHz 6-Core MB: MSI MAG X570...
  7. B

    Is there a way to mute a sound from a certain window in the video but you can hear when recording?

    So I want to record a certain window using OBS but have something playing in the background like YouTube or Windows Media Player, and I want to be able to hear that audio while recording, but I don't want it to be heard in the video. But I want the sound from the window I'm recording on to...
  8. O

    Capture Card Audio rarely works.

    This problem has plagued me continuously for over a year since I got my Capture Card. It's an off-brand one as far as I can tell, but while the video comes through well the audio is another matter. It pretty much does whatever it wants seemingly at random. The audio either works normally...
  9. I

    Using a single source in multiple scenes

    so i've been having this issue where i wanna do something with a source in one scene without it affecting all the others. for example having a webcam overlay with a border in one scene but using an image mask for the same webcam in another. is there anything i can do to tell OBS to not transfer...
  10. F

    PREGUNTA / AYUDA - No puedo capturar videos cuando la Ventana esta en segundo plano

    normalmente suelo grabar mi ventana en OBS y abro OBS a lo cual se veía el video, pero hace unos días me sucede que ahora abro OBS y cuando la ventana queda en "Segundo plano" de cierta forma, esta no muestra los videos o algunas cosas se con congelan, en el caso de los videos no los muestra.
  11. T

    [Crash Report] Obs crashing when stopping recording.

    Unhandled exception: c0000005 Date/Time: 2020-10-17, 01:41:30 Fault address: 7FF97FC08870 (c:\program files\obs-studio\bin\64bit\avutil-56.dll) libobs version: 26.0.2 (64-bit) Windows version: 10.0 build 19041 (release: 2004; revision: 508; 64-bit) CPU: Intel(R) Core(TM) i9-9900K CPU @ 3.60GHz...
  12. L

    OBS Studio/OBS Streamlabs will randomly disconnect and then reconnect

    Hello, So, I've been streaming for the last month and a half, first using Streamlabs OBS and then switching to OBS Studio as I thought it would fix the disconnection issue; it did not. Now, I'm unsure how related this is, but it will also disconnect my game, saying it is experiencing a...
  13. nalinpuri

    How to get these keyboard shortcuts in obs when i click them on keyboard?
  14. S

    Can't get Zoom to work through OBS Program

    When I set up Zoom through the VirtualCam, and set up a scene for it, all shows up great in the preview, but when i transition it to the program, it glitches out. I will attach a screenshot of my issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated. I want to run Zoom through OBS and not the other way...
  15. E

    Multiple camera setup

    Hi everyone, just wondering if this setup would work, it’s for a small museum that are pulling to live steam talks and music events. cameras: 2x canon 80D 1x Sony PXW 090 mixer: Roland V- 1HD Mac Pro is this over kill on the mixer? Will OBS studio take three inputs? What’s the best way...
  16. L

    What is better for live music streaming

    Hello! I have a question about what system to build for streaming live music and concerts (NOT GAMES) in 4k. There is an assumption that Ryzen 3400G/9400F will do for this task, but maybe I'm wrong. An external capture card may be needed or not? How much CPU loaded in those scenarios? How much...
  17. TryPoseidon

    Help setting up OBS on Streaming PC.

    I am working on setting up a dual pc streaming. but i can quite get the settings right. Now the laptop/Streaming PC will do nothing but run the OBS so i am not concerned about the performance of other applications as long as the stream looks good and is stable. I have tested many settings and...
  18. E

    My webcam is backwards by default help

    When I was setting up obs I noticed that when I moved to the left I when to the right and when I went to the right I went to the left this happens even if I am recording pls help
  19. G

    Screen randomly cuts out in the middle of recording

    I'm trying to record a scene with a Capture Card (Going to a Nintendo Switch) a Webcam, and an Audio Interface on my 2018 Mac Mini with i7 32gb Ram and an AMD RX 580 in a Razer Core X eGPU Case. Almost every time I record, the Screen will randomly cut out to black for a few seconds, and then go...
  20. Jayeさん

    Annoying OBS stutter on every game...

    I hope I can finally get this resolved! So no matter what game I play, windowed, full-screen, windowed full-screen, the game-play is perfect. However, even when sitting idle, OBS has this weird stutter as you'll see and I think I've tried every possible option to resolve it. I've changed every...