OBS Data Broadcasting


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I've been asked by a member of staff where I work to add this software to our systems. I need to know if OBS sends any data anywhere, and if so, what that data is, before I can install it on our systems.

Could anyone help with this?



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There is also a setting in OBS to check for updates, which is end-user configurable
Realize OBS can be configured to record locally, or stream to any user selected destination
OBS does NOT have role based access controls that I'm aware of, so you can't without customization, prevent local recording ( a recent request) nor streaming (to any Internet server... one of the main use cases of the s/w)...

This is FOSS (free open source software) as such, in a high security environment, you'd typically review the source code and compile yourself (or pay someone on your behalf to do so). If that is overkill for your situation, a sandbox install followed by usage and monitoring to identify unexpected traffic would be the norm.

As @cyclemat is indicating, OBS is often used with 3rd party plug-ins, so any security review of OBS won't tell you anything about those plug-ins