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  1. M

    Recording with an old i5 and graphics card?

    Good day lads. So I'm getting a good deal on a RX 470 and a RX 580 4gb variants. I'm wondering if I should avail it. I intend to use it with an i5-4570. I believe it will be able to play most games at 1080p60 with settings at High if not ultra. I was wondering if I would be able to play the...
  2. R

    Beginner Help: Frames drop and laggy video

    Hey all, been using OBS for a few months now and its worked fine until I started to try and record a heavier game (CoD Warzone). The frames drop very hard and I can't tell if there is something in my settings I'm not seeing, if it within the game itself, or is it my hardware (I have a moderate...
  3. B

    Question / Help i3 8th Gen - Dual PC Setup

    Currently, I have a Dual PC stream setup. My brother in law is bringing me a desktop PC that he thinks will be good enough for x264 Encoding but I’m not quite sure. PC Specs: i3 8th Gen (I believe 8100 or 8300) 8GB ddr4 3000mhz ram AMD R9 290 (4gb card) I am trying to free up my Gaming Laptop...
  4. NotSalty

    Question / Help Having trouble figuring out how to reduce frame rate issues

    Hello, I am currently having issues figuring out what I can do to reduce frame rate drops when recording. I am recording Minecraft gameplay and when recording it frequently gives me lag spikes and I am not sure what I should do to reduce this. Below is my current settings for recording. If...
  5. M

    Question / Help Stream always seems to look pixelated or blurry when there is a lot of motion

    No matter what i seem to do the stream always looks terrible when there is a lot of movement I have tried increasing bitrate I usually used 6000 bitrate streaming at 720p60 but I tried streaming at 12000 bitrate but same problem (I stream on youtube). I also have an upload speed of 105 mbps. I...
  6. NotSalty

    Question / Help How can I reduce lag spikes?

    Hello everyone, I have been watching videos for the best possible settings with no lag. I have gotten my current settings to a preference that I like but it currently effects the overall gameplay. The game I am recording is Minecraft and when testing it without OBS running there is very few lag...
  7. NotSalty

    Question / Help [Question] What can I do to reduce lag but keep the same quality?

    Hello everyone, I have been watching videos for the best possible settings with no lag. I have gotten my current settings to a preference that I like but it currently effects the overall gameplay. The game I am recording is Minecraft and when testing it without OBS running there is very few lag...
  8. NotSalty

    Question / Help How can I fix my OBS settings to display crisp resolution?

    Hello everyone, I have recently been watching videos on the best OBS settings to record gameplay (In this case Minecraft). I have watched around 10 or so videos on the best settings for recording but a common issue I have with all of them is that when I record gameplay it is always blurry...
  9. LPTZ

    Question / Help Browser source dissapears after restarting computer.

    |WARNING! Low level of English languange| Hi everyone, my name is Mark and I'm 12.A month ago I face a problem - after restarting my computer browser source in obs dissapears, but after reinstalling obs browser source appears and after restarting dissapears again. I need any help, thanks. P.S...
  10. T

    Question / Help Game Capture going Black whenever I switch Scenes

    Hello - On one scene, named "Game Captures" I have my game capture of the game I am running. Whenever I switch scenes, maybe during an intermission, or if I would like to show my desktop, and I switch to a scene labeled "Desktop". Whenever I switch back to my scene labeled "Game Captures" with...
  11. B

    Question / Help I need help with obs studio

    When I open obs studio then it says something at the top I don't know how to fix it I have tried to start my stream yesterday but my network went up and down kb when i from obs studio but where i stream from streamlabs then it can't in reply me to it. Why does it say that in picture I have...
  12. I

    Question / Help Recording a 528x400 video fullsreen on 1600x900 screen.

    Hi, Need some quick help to tweak my OBS resolution settings. I am Display Capture recording a 528x400 video from media player classic playing in fullscreen. In Settings\Video - My base canvas is 1600x900 (size of my laptop monitor). My output (scaled) resolution is 528x400 (same as video)...
  13. A

    Question / Help Obs Settings for no lag

    Okay so I have watched video after video on setting up my obs settings and my twitch is 2-3 seconds behind my obs. My pc is And I have an...
  14. K

    Question / Help Browser error New update OBS 25.0.4.

    dear makers of OBS Studio after the latest update (update 25.0.4) I can no longer use the browser source and there fore I cannot use overlays, you can fix this. I hope you respond to this message with kind regards, Jesmar
  15. L

    Question / Help 2 PC Stream aber nicht im selben Netzwerk | Möglichkeiten zur Umsetzung ?

    Hey, ich bin momentan auf der suche nach einer (am besten kostenlosen) variante um Stream material von meinem Kollegen auf unseren Streaming PC zu senden, so das wir dann von dort aus mit Nachbearbeitung das ganze live ausstrahlen können. Bisher bin ich da noch nicht fündig geworden und wollte...
  16. F

    Question / Help Getting number of viewers (Youtube)

    Hi, Unfortunately, I have a lot more viewer when I do a youtube stream than with a twitch stream so here I am ! I used streamlab obs on stream but it doesn’t seem to work well with youtube, so I’ve decided to use the good old obs studio, and I am not disapointed, it works like a cham. I’ve...
  17. G

    Question / Help Capture a window without capturing the cursor

    Hello there I have ran into a problem. I want to capture a window but not the cursor. When opening the menu of the window, the "cursor capture" box does not appear, unlike in the case of capturing a screen. Only "client area" box appears. Is there another way to achieve it? If not, why? (I...
  18. N

    Bug Report Capture Cursor box has disappeared (Answered)

    Hey everybody, this is for anyone wondering where the Capture Cursor box has gone while using a "Window Capture" source.
  19. D

    Question / Help Microphone Not Working.. :(

    So, I've recorded a ton of videos and all of a sudden my in-built mic stopped recording in OBS. Works everywhere else. Tried re-installing, switching to default, switching to the actual "microphone", etc... Here's the log. Monitor is off. Track 1 is selected. Any help would be great...
  20. M

    Question / Help Replay Buffer Autostart / Hotkey

    Hey everyone, is there a way to have OBS start the replay buffer when it's started or is there a chance to set a hot key to start the replay buffer? All I can find is a hotkey to save the buffer but it's odd to have to activate it manually all the time (most of the time I just forget it and the...