Celeron/Pentium can run OBS for webcam stream


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Hey there.

I'm building a really budget computer for a client, and he needs to use OBS to stream ONLY his webcam on YouTube. So, I was wondering if a Celeron G5905 can handle this.

The parts are:
NO GPU (only if I3F)
Intel Celeron G5905 3.5GHz or Intel Pentium Gold G6400 4GHz
1x 8GB 2666 Kingston RAM
SSD 240GB with Windows 10 Pro/OBS and browser stuff (not while streaming, I hope so)
1080p webcam

Will this have a smooth experience with Celeron? Should I suggest a Pentium or even I3F with a 1/2GB GPU?

As I said, 0 gaming, he needs it to be as budget as possible, only to stream his webcam.

thanks for ur help, piece


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You can stream a Webcam with every PC the question ist the quality but Has the Celeron quick sync Support?
Intel® Celeron® Processor G5905 (4M Cache, 3.50 GHz) Product Specifications - Google Chrome.jpg