Choppy stream footage without encoding overloaded or dropped frames.


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Ok, so as the title says, I am having weird periods of time during my stream where I am encountering choppy video without getting encoding overloaded or dropped frames.

Here is an example of this happening:

Now to preface, I am running a dual PC stream setup with an Elgato 4K60 Pro MK.2.

and the specs of my streaming PC are:
16 GBs of RAM

I am streaming at 8000 Bitrate on x264 at 1664 x 936p @ 60 FPS
0 Keyframe interval
Fast CPU preset
High Profile
and None under Tune
with Lanczos Filtering

Running OBS on HIGH Priority while also running as an admin.
(I will post screen shots of my settings in the attachments as well in case I missed anything along with the log file)

So as I said before, I have made sure I am 100% NOT getting encoding overloaded and I am also NOT dropping frames.

I was also using the stream elements plugin called OBS Live which basically allows you to use their activity tracker and also used their program called ground control which allows my custom chat bot to be used in my chat. I completely uninstalled that and am back on the up to date version of OBS studio hoping that fixes it. Have also went down to 1600x900p hoping that will also fix any weird issue that could have been occurring since 936p is a more weird res.

Any help or fix would be greatly appreciated, I hate having my stream look bad and this is very annoying.


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