Started streaming from GPU - video freezes for chat but everything is fine on my end


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Hey, I'm having an issue since I swapped from a 1070 graphics card to 2080.

When I was using my 1070 I encoded on my CPU because the GPU couldn't handle NVENC all that well. My stream never had any crashing issues.

Part of the reason I wanted to upgrade was to use NVENC. I've been using my 2080 for two days and stream will run like clockwork and really well for anywhere from 30 mins to 5 hours. Then out of nowhere the image will freeze on the viewers' end. They can still hear me and also on MY end, the game and stream are running completely fine.

Here are two logs of my stream earlier today when I was playing Bioshock Infinite - a game that isn't particularly demanding.


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please dont use stream elements plugin delete the complete obs folder and reinstall it witout streamelements when you need the SE dock you can create custome broswer docks


dont forget update drivers !