Can't get stream to look crisp


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Hey guys, lately i've noticed that my stream doesn't look very crisp and looks quite blurry at times(mainly when i'm moving my camera in game etc). I thought that it could've been because i was trying to stream 1080p60 on the affiliate limit of 6000kbps. Today however, I lowered my settings to 720p60 and it still looked a bit fuzzy. I have a 144hz 1440p monitor. I have a decent computer(intel i7-8700k, 32gb RAM, GTX 1080) and good internet so i'm at a bit of a loss.

Here's the log from my latest stream:
Here's the VOD from my latest stream:
And here's the VOD from yesterdays stream where I was still streaming at 1080p60:

Thanks in advance for your help!