1. T

    Gigcaster 8/general mixer audio input and windows guidance

    Hello all, I rebuilt my PC recently so I could game and stream. My old 3080 and 10900K weren't cutting it. Went all out and got a 4090/11900K combo and bought a Shure Mic with a Boss Gigcaster 8 mixer. I'm having a h*ll of a time figuring out the way Windows 11 reads the audio input form this...
  2. D

    Midi Mixer and Audio Monitor

    Hi guys, after several hours, I was able to configure my midi mixer with obs, but now I am at a blind spot. The problem is the following, from the midi mixer software I can display and associate keys only on the real audio sources, the problem now is to make the midi mixer software display the...
  3. richardpohl

    Recording audio to VEGAS while recording video with OBS

    Hello everyone, I am not very skilled with tech, but I would like to see how to record multitrack audio from my Audient id44 interface to VEGAS Pro 17, while recording video at the same time with the OBS Studio. Somebody recommended to me Voicemeeter Potato, which I installed, but still not...
  4. S

    OBS detects mixer audio, but will not record it

    I am trying to record from a TASCAM Model 12 mixer through USB to a Mac to make podcasts. The mixer is set up to 4 mics, but only the first mic is detected. When I start a recording, no audio comes through. I tested this through the Mac's built-in microphone, and the sound comes out fine. I had...
  5. G

    Multiple audio sources

    i used this Blackhole software to capture my monitor audio and it works perfectly, but I would like to control every audio source separately. For example i would like to mute/unmute my discord chat without muting a youtube video i am watching during a stream.
  6. Lucos_X

    Multiple Audio Volume Sources Control

    Hi guys, I would have to ask for technical help. I would like to use and control the following audio sources during the stream: - Game audio - Music Audio from Spotify, Twitch Soundtrack or more The problem is here: The audio tracks of Desktop 1 are merged into that of the game and the...
  7. BrickGameOver

    Different settings for scenes

    Hello everyone, I wanted to know if it is possible in the obs to make different settings for different scenes?! For example: I have a "Game" scene and a "be back soon" scene, on a "game" scene I have my microphone, camera and music turned on, and I want my mixer settings to change when I change...
  8. A

    Audio level on second screen

    Hello everyone. I've recently started using OBS for Facebook and YouTube streaming and I'm using a second screen to view the image that's live. But I would like to have it shown there the audio level too. I know that I can just drag the Audio Mixer from the main screen from OBS, but I would like...
  9. android272

    Separate Headphone and Stream mixers

    Recently I had the idea of how I could mimic the Elgato Wave Link mixer within OBS. The way I did this was to add two audio output capture and in the Advanced audio properties I set one to Monitor Only and the other to Monitor Off. This gives me two sliders to control what my stream hears and...
  10. E

    Mixer Request

    Dear OBS, I would like to start off by saying that I really love what you all are doing. I love being able to get such a good stream with free software. But I do have a request when it comes to the mixer. I think that it would be amazing if the mixer presets stay assigned to the specific...
  11. Alexik

    How OBS can return flow? Is there any way to take it to some tool for post-processing as transparent flow?

    How OBS can return flow? Is there any way to take it to some tool for post-processing as transparent flow? Also is it possible to take it to the mixer?
  12. prankfarsons

    OBS only receives mono audio from Yamaha TF Mixer Board

    Hi I work for a church that has been livestreaming its services on Facebook during the COVID pandemic. OBS is such a great tool for us, but lately we've had some problems connecting our existing audio system. For awhile we were using the mic attached to a webcam, which sufficed for a month or...
  13. J

    Question / Help Audio Filter Strategy For Large Number of Audio Sources

    I'm running a stream while I am taking about 23 RTMP streams as input (from DJs streaming to me also using OBS via Media Sources) and I'm mixing them to a single output stream. To ensure consistent audio, I have compressors and limiters on the input stream. The challenge I'm having is that as I...
  14. K

    Question / Help OBS disconnects randomly, then reconnects 15s later. Is this on my end? (Logs provided)

    Hello! I stream on Mixer and sometimes my stream will randomly go offline and come right back on about 15s later with no discernible triggers. (OBS shows a disconnected/reconnecting notification in Windows) When this happens, I lose any hosts I might have, it splits my VODs in half and makes a...
  15. A

    Question / Help There isn't any sound in OBS

    Can't hear (or even see on mixer) any sound. I've changed many combination of audio devices in settings, but all configurations don't work. All audio drivers are updated. I don't understand what the reason actually can be... Any ideas?
  16. A

    Question / Help Need help with Windows -> Rekordbox -> VoiceMeeter -> OBS Studio -> Live Streaming (Part 2)

    This thread is the continuation of Part 1 (only 10 images allowed per thread...). Beyond this point, all images are about OBS Studio. As i said earlier, i didn't get this OBS part of the puzzle to work, yet. It seems possible, but something's missing, dunno why. Image 11: The Audio settings in...
  17. X

    Question / Help New to Streaming - Help please!

    Hi, so I'm new to streaming and would like some insight on an issue I'm having. First, I'll post the specs to my PC below: Specs: Rizen 1700x Processor 16 GB DDR4 2 Terabyte disc hard drive Asus 1060 6g graphics card Now, I'm running Streamlabs OBS because I like the simple user face. I build up...
  18. A

    Question / Help OSB + Voicemeter Potato (2 Channels only) Not sure why

    Hello, I have voicemeter Potato, I am trying to use B1, B2 and B3 as well as a virtual connector. You can see it all below. I can ONLY get 2 audio channels (AUX VAIO & VAIO 3) go through, B2 and B3.... I need this as I am record audio to separate tracks. Can anyone help me with this please...
  19. A

    Question / Help Trying to capture audio from Pioneer DJM 450 mixer without success

    Hello guys, How do you capture audio from this mixer to OBS Studio? I have tried via USB (the rear USB port coming from the mixer) but i can't ear any audio in OBS Studio. The weird thing is that OBS Studio actually recognizes the mixer. When i add a new source in OBS (through Audio Input...
  20. L

    Question / Help The mixer is missing and can't turn it on

    The mixer is gone, I can't turn it on. It remains inactive and cannot be enabled in the panel either. I don't know what I can do :/