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Hello everyone, I wanted to know if it is possible in the obs to make different settings for different scenes?!
For example: I have a "Game" scene and a "be back soon" scene, on a "game" scene I have my microphone, camera and music turned on, and I want my mixer settings to change when I change the scene to "come back soon" on those that I set in advance (turned off microphone, camera and music)
That is: Scene "Game" my microphone, camera, music is on;
I change the scene to "be back soon" and my microphone, camera, music are off
Immediately I ask you to forgive me if I wrote something wrong, I used google translator
Thanks in advance for your reply


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Thanks for warning about not be English native speaker. I'll try to keep this easier for a translator

In OBS, each scene can have sources 'enabled' or not https://obsproject.com/wiki/Sources-Guide
I use the term enabled/disabled, but in looking just now at the wiki (link above) I see the terms/phrase used is Visible/Hidden



So. it depends on what you mean by mixer settings to change.
For example, if you simply want your camera to be turned off (ie Hidden, or source not visible/displayed), then that is easy. In the "be back soon" scene, have the camera be 'Hidden'. That means the Camera is still listed as a source, it just isn't Visible/enabled/turned on. You can do the same thing with the microphone
- the above is very easy/simple

What can get more complicated is you want unique audio settings applied to the microphone in one scene vs another

Does this answer your question?


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As far as I understand, you want the audio on the stream muted while you are in the "be back soon" scene, and not muted while you are in the "Game" scene.

If you configured your audio sources in Settings->Audio, all listed audio sources are global for all scenes, so they can be heard on the stream regardless the current scene.
If you need some (or all) audio sources on for one scene but off for a different scene, you need to make scene-specific audio sources.

To do this, remove all audio sources from Settings->Audio you want to not appear in one scene. Set these to "disabled". This might include the source with the "default" setting.
To re-add these sources in your "Game" scene only, switch to the Game scene and add a "Audio Input Capture" source for each mic device you use and add a "Audio Output device" source for each output device (speakers, game audio) you use. This way you have scene-specific audio sources.
If you switch between scenes, you will observe how the sources will appear/disappear from the audio mixer widget of OBS, so you directly see if there are any sources that output audio to the stream.


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Thanks @koala, I had disabled all Global Audio inputs long ago, so didn't even think of your clarification.

To koala's point, if you are new to OBS, you can have a Source (microphone, for example) in multiples scenes. When adding a source to a new scene, you can re-use and add an existing source (instead of creating a new one)