1. theMuzzl3

    Suggestions From An OBS Noob

    Heya, I am David Pixley theMuzzl3. Here are (some) of my recent ideas. I'll have more, later. I encourage others to reply with further suggestions, based on what I've started. I must say: I'm hopeful that the REAPER dev's & OBS dev's (or dev?) continue to work together, and grow the...
  2. I

    Intentional scene switch delay

    Hello, I've been searching for literally hours and the only thing even slightly related I can find is that people are having issues with their transitions being delayed, THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH MY ISSUE, now that I've cleared that up, let me tell you what I'm trying to do. The idea is...
  3. XtractAccent

    Question / Help Having Multiple Scene in OBS Make your stream lag?

    I have 5 different scenes in my OBS Studio for every specific game that i played. I'm just wondering if they all are running or consume some resources or performance on my pc at the same time when I'm Streaming. I only use one game capture + webcam every scene but i have multiple scene (total of...
  4. K

    Question / Help Trying to create setup for Another Streamer

    Hi all, I am trying to make a setup for a streamer. I want to make multiple scenes, overlays, intro and outro stuff... basically the whole works. I can't do it from his system (He lives in another country), so is there a way I can design the whole setup on my system and just send it to him...