1. K

    Sources within a scene not showing

    Hey Can anyone help me with an issue I'm having - it seems that sources in my scene just won't open - I have a number of video clips that should trigger when points on my twitch channel are redeemed or I can trigger them using a streamdeck. I've uploaded my log from the weekends stream - the...
  2. T

    Hotkey Help

    In my use case i switch back and forth between OBS and Easy worship for who gets the PC's Focus on Easy worship I use the arrow keys to navigate through the slides that I need to display, If OBS is the focus as I was changing scenes to move the camera or what-not using the arrow keys will switch...
  3. draskown

    Setting source on the scene visible depending from the scene I'm switching from

    Example: I have Scene 1, Scene 2 and Default Scene. In Default Scene I have two sources: Image 1 and Image 2. If I'm switching from Scene 1 to Default Scene 1 want to display Image 1 and when I'm switching from Scene 2 I want to display Image 2. So my question here is: does anyone know any...
  4. S

    Different Audio Sync Offset (delay) for different scenes

    So I usually stream and record both pc and ps4 games, for pc games I need a 100 ms sync offset for my microphone in order to be in sync with the webcam and the desktop video, for ps4 instead I need higher delay because of elgato HD, it's around 900 ms. For the webcam video I found a solution...
  5. A

    How to automatically switch the scenes?

    Hi! I would like to do that when I press the Record / Stream Hotkey, OBS will show my initial logo for 3 seconds and then change the scene without me doing it manually. To make it clear, I have this situation Scene 1: My Logo Scene 2: Videogame / Window Scene 3: Ending screen (Thanks for...
  6. R

    Hide a Szene without deleting it

    Hey there, I want to hide a scene without deleting it, because there are filters on several scenes but i don't use them alone. Just in comparison with other scenes. And for a better Overview I want to hide the scenes I don't want to see. Is there a way to do this? Greetings Daniel
  7. Paladin Goo

    Scene Collections question

    Simple question, really. Since I have a touch of OCD - is it practical (and recommended, perhaps?) to have a different Scene Collection for a different game (being that it may require a whole different overlay setup)? And furthermore, is it safe(or again, recommended) to switch BETWEEN...
  8. S

    Help with scenes

    Hi everyone, I have a question and I don't know if it is possible to do what I want to do: I have 10 scenes, each one with 2 multimedia sources (2 videos in each scene), the problem starts here, all the videos are in 1080p, considering this, I have 20 1080p videos at the same time and my...
  9. T

    upgrade to v26 and scenes

    Is the v26 upgrade for Mac or just for PC? If for Mac, will the upgrade retain the current settings and scenes? If not, then what file can I find look for to restore them or do I have to just rebuild?
  10. J

    Scene-specific sound source

    Hi all, log file; and "last log file" which may have more of the problem: I'm preparing for a Zoom webinar - I'd rather use OBS for more fluid scene switching than the Zoom options. I'm using VB Audio...
  11. cwthorn

    The record option stops during recording

    During recordings when I switch between scenes the recording stops. On the latest version of obs and I was not streaming
  12. Bombastic

    Hotkeys don't work globally

    I've set up hotkeys to switch scenes, but I've just noticed that while I'm on any other application, my scenes aren't switching via hotkeys. Any ideas on how to fix for this? OBS version: 25.0.8 OS: Mojave Device: Macbook Air Hotkeys: Start/End Stream: Fn + F1 "Screen" Scene: Fn + F2...
  13. MoSaunders

    Scenes Organization Suggestions

    Scenes are something that is used very heavily by new and advanced users. And by having so many scenes setup 15+,20+,30+, etc, there is a need for some type of built-in organization of scenes. So here are my three recommendations to make scenes more distinguishable and organized. 1. Colored...
  14. H

    Using the same PTZ camera in mutiple scenes with a different setting.

    Hi Maybe it's a newbie question (I am a newbie...). Sorry if it's the case. I'm using a USB PTZ camera that could be adjusted using OBS in the source popup by the Video configuration button. At first I thought : "I will create many scenes , each of them using the PTZ camera with a different...
  15. E

    led record, scene script

    Hello, how to do when a scene becomes active, run a website "" to turn on a registration led And when a scene changes, run "" Just execute the command as soon as the scene becomes active and inactive
  16. Kizzume

    Switching between multiple configurations of the same video capture source?

    I didn't think it was possible, but I recently saw a Twitch stream with someone smoothly switching between different scenes that are using the same video capture source (assuming it's their webcam). In one scene, their webcam image fills up most of the screen area, and in another scene, it's...
  17. F

    Question / Help How to decrease volume of same media source between scenes?

    Hi there! First, thank you all so much for the vast trove of knowledge you're providing here. This is my first post, but I've already found several fixes for my first stream with OBS—thanks! I'm hosting a live-streamed fundraising event on Facebook Live on Friday, and I have a little feature...
  18. tinydog

    Question / Help Prevent Studio Mode from selecting previous scene when you switch scenes?

    The default behavior of Studio Mode is that when you transition/cut to a different scene, the previous scene is automatically selected in the Preview pane. I presume this is to allow for easy flip-flopping between two scenes... but I never (ever) want to do that. Is there any way to suppress...
  19. W

    Question / Help Display scene names in studio mode

    Does any one know if there is a way to display both the live and preview scene name? So for instance, if you have 2 or 3 scenes - its easy to keep track of whats you're looking at.... But when you get to 10-15 scenes, it becomes more slightly more tricky..... Any one else find this, or is it...
  20. P

    Question / Help I have problems with switching scenes

    I have a lot of browsers in my scene and I also put on every scene refreshing that browser and the same option for my 3 scene. I want on live stream when I am on my first scene and I want to switch to my second scene the problems is that the browser is loading and for a user not look good for...