Sources within a scene not showing


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Can anyone help me with an issue I'm having - it seems that sources in my scene just won't open - I have a number of video clips that should trigger when points on my twitch channel are redeemed or I can trigger them using a streamdeck.

I've uploaded my log from the weekends stream - the base scene is the one that I'm having issues with - the sources are called Austin, Scots, Evil 1 & Evil 2

Can anyone check this log and see why they don't open or why its so hit and miss?

Thank you in advance - it's driving me nuts


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There is no logfile attached.

OBS also doesn't have the ability to respond to channel point redemptions or other events; if you're using a third-party application as a connector, you may need to follow up with the developer of that application.

First troubleshooting step would be to toggle the visibility in OBS in the Sources list, and see if they show up. Also, make sure that they aren't hidden underneath another source; the sources list is like a stack of cards. If an opaque card above a source is covering it fully, you won't see it.
Actually, first troubleshooting step would be to create a fresh Scene, add just one of the Sources to it, and toggle visibility there so it can't be being covered by another source.