OBS Lua SceneShow 1.01

So many great scripts for OBS these days. Many probably capable of doing the same thing as this one! However, I needed something really simple to drive a slide show before streams, during intermissions, and in the lobby. Our tech team is great at creating new scenes as slides, so this script just leverages that skillset by allowing them to quickly create and name scenes like Slide1,Slide2,...,Slide10 and automatically have OBS transition through them without a lot of setup. Support for animations, short videos, and audio was important, so just image slideshows was insufficient.

Three different user defined prefix are supported so you can setup a "Slide" show, a "BSlide" show, or even a "MyXYZSlide" show. Transitioning to any of these starts the script cycling through all the Slides, or BSlides, or MyXYZSlides. Transitioning off any of the slide group scenes stops the show. Numbers need to be sequential but not consecutive. So Slide1, Slide3, and Slide5 will work to form a slideshow. There is also support for a "Custom" group of scenes that can be easily maintained in an Edit List and reordered or deleted.

Slide timing can be overridden by adding ":sec" to the end of the Slide scene name. So Slide:15 would show for 15 seconds even if the default was to show each slide for only 5 seconds to easily support embedded shorts. Hot keys are also supported for manually advancing to previous and next slides (scenes) in the active group. Really simple concept, so not a lot of documentation, but it is mostly self explanatory for anyone who thinks it might be useful. We have been using it for a while with no stability issues. Leave me a message in OBS and I will try to answer any questions or fix any bugs, but I typically only check the forum once or twice a month.
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