Recording audio to VEGAS while recording video with OBS


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Hello everyone,

I am not very skilled with tech, but I would like to see how to record multitrack audio from my Audient id44 interface to VEGAS Pro 17, while recording video at the same time with the OBS Studio.

Somebody recommended to me Voicemeeter Potato, which I installed, but still not sure how to set it up properly.

Does anybody here have experience with this?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Richard Pohl


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in the end I just recorded through OBS, using MKV option with multitrack (FFMPEG), then I used VideoReDo for converting the video and getting both 24bit audio tracks into separated WAVE files.

I recorded at 48KHz as this is the highest rate supported by OBS. So I would like to ask - will OBS ever support 96kHz for recording?

Richard Pohl


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