1. C

    Can't monitor sound with Audient iD4 sound controller

    I'm so stuck. I have an audient id4 sound controller for my mic which is going to OBS, and while I am getting a signal into it (I can see the OBS mic levels moving), and I can hear the mic just when the id4 dial is turned to 'mic', I can't hear what's being outputted from OBS. I need to hear the...
  2. richardpohl

    Recording audio to VEGAS while recording video with OBS

    Hello everyone, I am not very skilled with tech, but I would like to see how to record multitrack audio from my Audient id44 interface to VEGAS Pro 17, while recording video at the same time with the OBS Studio. Somebody recommended to me Voicemeeter Potato, which I installed, but still not...
  3. devster

    Question / Help Audient iD14 support

    I was evaluating this interface to add a microphone to my setup (MacOS, I know, not the default choice), not just for streaming. I was wondering if it's possible to have separate channels inside OBS with it. Ideally I'd like to have microphone, chat, and game sound all available to OBS, not just...