1. amir133

    The best option to create a streaming server

    Hello I know that my question is probably not related to this topic, but I couldn't find a place where I could ask this question. I need to create a re-stream server so that AA can connect to it and send the stream, and that server will send the stream to several different platforms (for...
  2. Josh Vega

    OBS Crashes when trying to connect my account.

    Here is the crash log.
  3. M

    OBS Studio 28.1.2 crashing when linking account

    Everything was working fine until today I noticed my restream docks were missing. Tried to re link my account in preferences>stream and it crashes every time. Also crashes when I try to link just my twitch account. Link to crash Log
  4. F

    Help! I mistakenly did a "test" broadcast to the "real" link. Can I change it?

    I scheduled a livestream of a church service on YouTube Studio, then distributed the video link to the whole congregation. Doing a test today, I mistakenly broadcast to the scheduled program. Is there a way to stream to that same URL? If I start from scratch, it will be a new URL and the...
  5. M

    Alternative to Restream

    We have used Restream for a while to stream to Facebook, Youtube and our website at the same time. They recently discontinued the ability to embed on our website, and doing so by using Youtube is too labor intensive because we have to re-embed with every new stream. I was wondering if anyone...
  6. H

    Question / Help Scheduling a livestream on multiple platforms using Restream

    Hello all, We currently stream to five different platforms using Restream. We have an event coming up that we would like to be able to schedule to allow people to set reminders to join the stream when it plays. We don't have to go live on all of the platforms we typically go live in, but we...
  7. S

    Question / Help Link for restream chat not work properly...

    When i put my link for restream chat in obs the window that show up on my screen demand login and password. Before 30.03.2020 everything was fine and i see chat instead of this... Also if i put link in any other browser than obs it will work correctly. Sorry for bad english... Help me to fix...
  8. mattfima

    Question / Help WTB Multi chat tool, please help, no restream/castr/etc

    Hello, I am in seriously critical help. I need multi chat module, for my mobile app, or any app that has multichat and can be used in mobile, etc I need thing like Ubiquitous 2, just not from 2014... I need multi chat like restream does, in form of dedicated api/module I cant use restream...
  9. E

    Disconnect problems

    Hi, I've been having periodic disconnects from while streaming from my Elgato card. I switched from Game Capture to OBS and I like OBS a lot more now that I'm on.
  10. X

    Question / Help Stream is crashed into short parts.

    Good afternoon. Faced a problem when recording a stream on Twitch. Stream in Twitch why the recorded without understanding sound, and stream on hard disk my computer has breath, but together stream duration 1 hour he crashed on what parts of. These parts are 3 minutes long and there is a lot of...
  11. vergara.leandro

    Question / Help Audio Channel Virtual Split

    I need assistance with an enviroment configuration like these: I have a live stream that about a sport match with the sport reporter comments in english. Is there any way to get that live stream in OBS, split the audio channels of match ambient audio & sports reporter comments (i receive audio...
  12. sanshiro

    Question / Help experiences?

    anybody using here? any experience? is this better than restream?