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Hey guys and friends;

just bought the new system.

AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (CPU)
ASROCK TAICHI x470 Mainboard

and i run OBS STUDIO - i use the CPU (x264) Encoder with CPU preset (medium) and Profile HIGH. Just like everything which Twitch wants me to, stream HIGH Fps games in 900p/60FPS.

And here comes the problem. On sunday, we installed a CPU Chipset driver and we also installed PROCESS LASSO that we hit up the first 12 Threads usage for OBS.exe and the last 12 Threads of the CPU usage for the GAMES.exe (for any im streaming). On sunday everything was fine.
I had the statistic tab OPEN.. no lost frames of network, no lost frames at all.

Now 2 days in a row, we got 0 frames lost of NETWORK.. BUT maaaaany frames lost of encoding DELAY... but heres the funny part. With the game opened, using OBS to stream the CPU usage (overall is kinda like 4-50%) so why do i loose frames... and why does OBS-STUDIO doesn't take the CPU usage what he maybe needs to? and why was sunday everything O.K: and no lost frames, and meanwhile we got lost frames.

I also included the Log-File as attachment.

At the end, we decided to buy the newest AMD CPU just to stream and play on the same system, because i dont like a 2 computer setup. And we decided to choose the newest AMD Ryzen to stream over the CPU encoding (x264)..

So maybe anyone can help me.
Long story short:

The system doesnt sweat... at all... but we loose frames.. in OBS.. so the stream got some microstutter while we are live...

Thank you.



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In case any of your media files reside on a network share (NAS): move them to a local drive. Having them on a network drive produces lags with OBS. Any locally attached drive (internal, USB) are ok.

Additonally, you have a huge number of game capture sources: They all stomp on each other, if they are all active. They may even have an impact if they are deactivated. Use scene collections. If you play your game fullscreen, use one single game capture source instead of all, with the setting "capture any fullscreen game". If you configure the game *.exe for a game capture source, it should be ok as well.

All the filters also have an impact on rendering performance. Try to reduce them, if not really required.


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Hello Koala,

i guess my english isnt that good as i thought i am.
"Scene collections" is something i heard the first time. In OBS studio the many scenes or sources didnt made any problems. 5 minutes before now, i tried SLOBS... and there are so many things "lagging" in SLOBS.

And TBH. i dont wanna join SLOBS. Never Change a running System, and i love OBS Studio

What i try is to "deinstall the game captures" i dont use at the moment.. But honestly, do you really think this is the main problem for "encoding delay lost frames".

I got a lot of sources, maybe 3 games. But i only got one game active at the time.
Long story short:

1) whats exactly scene collections, i guess i try this!
2) I got 7 Game sources. But i only play one game. So i try to delete all, and only got the one game i do play?
3) which filters do you mean?
4) every data, is on a local drive, which is just the normal /C: drive from the computer

Your response is highly appreciated.


/edit. to 2) is it important about the "active scene" ? Or every scene i got. i found a scene, where i got like 20 inactive "game sources". Games i once played. In an old scene. I delete them all now, in this scene.
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Some of your sources refer to a drive G: or M:. If these drives don't exist any more, remove the corresponding sources. If they still exist, make sure it's a locally attached drive and not a NAS.
About scene collections: explore the corresponding menu.