1. G

    OBS crash during Import

    Hi, because of several crashes of SLOBS im comming back home to OBS. But i cant import my Scenes. When i click on Import and choose the sceneprofile from slobs my OBS Crash and give me a log. Somebody can have a look on it for some help? THX
  2. O

    Encoding issues and skipping frames out of nowhere?

    A few days ago, I noticed that I was getting performance warnings in both OBS and SLOBS. It was alerting me that frames were being "skipped" and not "dropped." This started happening seemingly out of nowhere. I hadn't made any changes and I'd never had this issue before. I've tried running as...
  3. Burna

    GPU Not Using Any Resources

    Hello everyone! I have recently setup a dual PC system and I'm now having issues with frames on OBS/SLOBS. (I have both because I wanted to see if one was better than the other) When I was just using one PC, for streaming and gaming, the FPS would only dip when loading, but stay at 60FPS but now...
  4. TheLivingRequiem

    Streamlabs OBS Audio recording issue, can't find the solution anywhere.

    I'm trying to use Streamlabs OBS to record gameplay videos. I have everthing set up, including RTX Voice. My SLOBS is set up was well, with one channel dedicated to the Desktop Audio, and another dedicated to my RTX Voice microphone. The mixer shows them both, and shows that it is picking up my...
  5. D

    Obs Studio using 10 gb of ram when opened

    my stream doesnt have to be on or even recording the moment i open the app it shoots from roughly 6gb ram to 15, does not happen in slobs. i cant pin point the issue and i need help plz!
  6. P

    Webcam pixelation? SLOBS

    My webcam keeps compressing while streaming and have problems getting consistent quality, I have tried to get it the best I can myself but have come to the forums for help here is my twitch so you can see what I mean: PC SPECS: i7 7700k base overclock, gtx 1070, 16gb ddr4...
  7. K

    OBS fine but Facebook streamer dashboard / livestream lagging on FPS games & disconnecting

    I stream regularly to Facebook, and never normally have any issues regarding lagging / stutter on live gameplay when viewed on Facebook gaming. I had my base canvas set to 1080p and output to 1080p Normally, my CPU is around 10-20% running 4500kbps and I stream games like Dead by Daylight...
  8. H

    OBS Link is not detecting/recognizing Elgato HD60s+

    My Elgato HD60s+ is not being detected by OBS Link. It is being detected in OBS Studio itself but it's not being detected as an NDI in Streamlabs because OBS Link isn't detecting it. I've reinstalled OBS Link, the NDI plugin, OBS, SLOBS, everything is up to date but it's still not working.
  9. kidrocybro

    Streaming to YouTube via SLOBS

    Not sure if this is the right spot but I have a question. So I've been using OBS for a while now and love it. Tried Streamlabs and liked it too. With SLOBS, is there a way to have a live stream on YouTube already set up (several days prior to live stream), and have SLOBS go to the stream? I...
  10. F

    Question / Help Facebook live recognized that my stream output is 720p but max resolution of the live video is 480p. OBS AND SLOBS

    As you can see from the picture below, it gets recognized as 720p but max quality is only 480p. This happens with both OBS Studio and Streamlabs OBS. These are my settings in both OBS and SLOBS Setup: Ryzen 5 3500x RX 5700 non XT 32GB 3200mhz 1920x1080 24 inch 60hz monitor Note: When stream...
  11. M

    Question / Help Turning on stream causes occasional internet crash

    Having an issue that whenever I turn on my stream (using SLOBS) every 45min or so my internet will go down. My speed test is 600D and 30U and streaming with 3k bitrate. I dont drop any frames until my internet just dies. My internet only crashes when I am streaming. I have changed ethernet...
  12. N

    Question / Help Video is choppy/laggy

    I have rtx 2060 and ryzen 7 2700x,16gb 3200mhz ram.240ssd,1tb hdd But when i record gameplay the video is choppy EXAMPLE - Here is the SLOBS log - what is wrong?I have disabled windows game mode,DVR,
  13. F

    Question / Help Import .overlay files into OBS Studio 24.0.3

    Hello! I am trying to import my .overlay file that I exported from Streamlabs OBS but I have tried importing the file in OBS Studio through "Scene collection > Import" but the .overlay file does not appear as an option to select. I also tried directly moving the file to OBS Studio but that...
  14. M

    Question / Help Lost frames due to encoding delay (with newest AMD CPU) OBS Studio

    Hey guys and friends; just bought the new system. AMD Ryzen 9 3900X (CPU) 32GB RAM AMD RX 5700XT (GPU) 1TB SSD M2 ASROCK TAICHI x470 Mainboard and i run OBS STUDIO - i use the CPU (x264) Encoder with CPU preset (medium) and Profile HIGH. Just like everything which Twitch wants me to, stream...
  15. Doqui1Doc

    Bug Report I can't record with my graphics card

    Hello, I have a problem with StreamLabs or OBS, as soon as I launch it I have to launch it with my processor, if I launch it with my OBS/SLObs graphics card I record a black screen. If anyone has an idea, thank you. - Doc#5472 - He was already doing it on my old computer.
  16. M

    Question / Help Stream and game lag while playing Roblox, but Roblox works fine when not streaming/ SLOBS works fine on other games

    I use Streamlabs OBS to stream on Twitch. Whenever I try to stream Roblox on Twitch, my stream freezes up. I changed my process priority to Above Normal, and Usage Preset to Ultra Fast, but then whenever I do that, my game starts to lag and slowly gets to lower frames. Also, whenever I stream on...
  17. H

    Question / Help Settings for Geforce GTX 1070 and i5 7600k 8gb ram

    Hello guys, first thank u for clicking on this thread. As u guys have seen in the title i'm looking for some good settings i have tried to figure it out on my own because i personally don't like to ask questions I prefer to figure it out on my own. But i'm distraught because i feel like i tried...
  18. F

    Question / Help Mic stops working after streaming for a while

    So the issue is that after streaming for about 30 min - 1 hr my mic just completely stops working, it stops picking up in Discord, OBS, and in the Sounds properties within windows, its as if its muted. This only happens when using OBS, I can play for 5 days straight and not have 1 issue with my...
  19. C

    Question / Help Astro a40, Elgato, PS4 Double sound

    So I'm trying to stream stuff like CoD on my ps4 on SLOBS and I have everything I think I need but I'm getting an issue where I have to audios going to obs at once
  20. J

    Bug Report SLOBS recording broken after update.

    I recorded just fine this morning. After the update when I try to simply record I get this error window "Failed to connect to the streaming server. Please check your internet connection." I don't understand why I am getting a internet error for a recording, seems like if anything I should get...