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Not sure if this is the right spot but I have a question. So I've been using OBS for a while now and love it. Tried Streamlabs and liked it too. With SLOBS, is there a way to have a live stream on YouTube already set up (several days prior to live stream), and have SLOBS go to the stream? I know this might sound confusing. Currently I set up my live shows a week in advance and have a landing page on YouTube where people can set a reminder via YouTube. Then on the day of, I can enter my stream key into OBS and boom, Im off and running. It seems that SLOBS has a generic push to YouTube and Facebook and I can't have it set up for my YouTube pre-made live stream. Thoughts?


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You can do this now with OBS. When you are in YouTube's live dashboard, simply use the "Schedule for later" option.

You can then generate and schedule the stream for any time you like (in the future). You just need the RTMP server and stream name as per normal.

When you return to the dashboard in order to manage the stream, you will need to click on the "manage" menu item on the right side of the dashboard in the live streaming section. YouTube doesn't make it easy in their new interface...


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Hey sorry for the late response.... just saw the response. I appreciate it. OK so this all makes sense and currently this is what I do with OBS. I noticed in SLOBS, it lets you stream to youtube and facebook at the same time, however it seems to have a generic video generator and doesn't allow you to link it to a premed youtube stream, or am I missing something? Facebook is meh and I don't care, but on YouTube I create the stream landing page days in advance so people can set a "reminder" via the youtube link.