OBS fine but Facebook streamer dashboard / livestream lagging on FPS games & disconnecting


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I stream regularly to Facebook, and never normally have any issues regarding lagging / stutter on live gameplay when viewed on Facebook gaming. I had my base canvas set to 1080p and output to 1080p

Normally, my CPU is around 10-20% running 4500kbps and I stream games like Dead by Daylight, Rust, Green Hell, Civ VI and more with no issues.
Recently I decided to try streaming some COD Mw and Apex Legends, and I found that the stream was lagging, dropping frames like anything. cpu was at 80-100% and dropping frames 75%.

I made a few minor tweaks, changed the output to Hardware NVENC (new) and kept the bit rate the same.My base canvas and output resolutions i made 720p
The game streams fine, a little bit stuttery viewed on stream, but nothing major, it is tolerable.
Then for no reason in the middle of a gun fight with another team, the stream buffers then displays the "temporarily disonnected" splash screen, however facebook dashboard is still "live" and OBS is still fine and optimal with no errors.

This is not the first time I have experienced issues with Facebook live streaming dashboard with SLOBS.

Slobs is fully up to date, and I have even reset everything to default, still the same issues

All gfx card drivers, mobo, soundcard etc are up to date

I have tried to upload my cache to developers,
(2020-07-08T14:19:36.357Z-Keiran Clements.zip) but I am unable to find the file to attach.

Many thanks


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