1. Nairem Legacy

    Need a helping hand.

    I have been configuring my settings all night and I can not get it to work. I am trying to stream to YouTube with obs and every time I do I notice on the YouTube live stream window that my stream is lagging behind on YouTube compared to what I am doing in game there is like a delay of 5-6...
  2. N

    Free Current Song Overlay [YouTube/SoundCloud/Spotify/VLC and more] 0.1

    This application allows users to show the playing song without worrying too much about the setup. Ideally you'll install the extension, start a service, and you are good to go. In contrast to other tools, the current song is shown with a minimal delay (often none). Additionally, you can run...
  3. E


    My dedicated streaming rig: i5 3570k, 2 x msi 660 sli 16Gb DDR3 OBS running in SSD ---------------------------------------- Internet speed: Upload: 990mbps download: 900mbps ---------------------------------------- Capture Card: Elgato HD 60S ----------------------------------------- I just...
  4. S

    Youtube Live Stream Starts From Itself

    (First of all i do not know if this is the right place to pose my question, i will go to google forum too) So here is the thing. I run 2 youtube live streams with OBS (with 2 backup streams using VPS). Suddenly yesterday (and today) a new live stream appeared on my channel. My followers notify...
  5. H

    Streaming Quality awful - decent PC setup and internet

    Okay so I've tried and tried with this and I'm not having any luck. My stream quality on Youtube is absolute garbage despite having a decent CPU and internet. My max upload speed is 35mbps. I've been trying to stream at 1080p 60fps. The actual quality comes out at 480 at best. I play the game...
  6. TreatsF

    What settings should I have for 18.1 mbps?

    I'm trying to stream at 18.1 mbps, with 1280x720 resolution. What should my settings be? LOG:

    Rotate video links directly from Youtube using OBS Studio

    Hello OBS Studio Friends I would like to suggest that if you create the option of working with YouTube links in the broadcast. I explain better, weak computers do not continue to play videos inserted directly in OBS. So, why not create the option to insert a youtube link (of a video) and the OBS...
  8. S

    How to change the aspect ratio in obs?

    Hi, i run my windows at 1920x 1080 on 16:9 ratio so does most my games except CSGO i play cs on 1440x 1080 with 4:3 ratio whenever i try to stream on yt theres black bars on the right side of the screen. i tried changing the output resolution in video settings from 1920x 1080 but it only made it...
  9. C

    OBS Disconneting

    I have been having issues with OBS disconnection from YouTube when streaming my church live stream. It just stops streaming on Youtube, doesn't show me any errors and still shows that it is streaming because it gives me the option to click the stop streaming button. I will attach the Log.
  10. L

    Streaming Teams session through OBS

    So I've been live-streaming Microsoft Teams meetings on OBS by using Window Capture and then sending that to Youtube. Generally it works OK but the video quality is pretty choppy. Using 30fps and not getting many dropped frames and I'm outputting at about 4500 kbps at 1280x720 resolution. Audio...
  11. F

    OBS Disconnecting from Youtube Randomly, Freezes when attempting to restart stream

    We are experiencing an issue where our youtube livestream keeps disconnecting mid-stream. We recently had our internet package upgraded to 940MB/s from 400MB/s, expecting this to be the root of the issue. Included here is a picture of our stream settings, as well as our latest log from our most...
  12. G

    Real Basic Youtube Streaming Q

    Hello, I'm brand new to all this, and I have some simple questions. When I tried streaming to youtube, it seems that there are several steps: 1) Get ready to stream with SLOBS. 2) Prior to streaming, one should first jump over to youtube, log in and set up youtube to recieve the stream. 3) After...
  13. E

    Youtube Stream zwei Kameras

    Hallo :) ich stehe vor einem mir großem Problem. Und zwar steht eine Veranstaltung bei uns an. Wir haben zwei Kameras in der Halle verteilt und beide sind auch wichtig, da auf beiden Seiten Sachen passieren, die der Zuschauer auf Youtube sehen soll. Das letzte Mal wurde über Putty etc auf...
  14. D

    Heavey pixelating while streaming, even with a decent PC.

    Hello everyone, I have a question. I have an PC with the following loadout: - Ryzen 5 2600 - Sapphire 590 8GB - 16 GB GDDR4 RAM 2666 - 1 TB external HDD - 120 GB SSD My OBS settings aren't that high. I stream in 720p/60 FPS with an 3000 Kpbs. Encoder is H.264/ veryfast. Audio is streamed at...
  15. C

    OBS Copyright

    I m wondering if this has any copyright on it. If I used it to screen record my YouTube videos, would I need permission?
  16. M

    Can I stream from WebEx to OBS to YouTube?

    I am very new to streaming and OBS. I would like to stream a pre-recorded video from OBS to YouTube. Once that pre-recorded video is done playing I would like to stream a live Q&A from WebEx on to my OBS Stream that is streaming on YouTube. Does anyone know if this is even possible?
  17. D

    Total beginner Multi-Cam Livestream

    Hello All, I am doing research on how to effectively and efficiently begin hosting multi-cam stream live music events from a venue in Nashville. Everyone on our team here would be considered total beginners with any type of streaming hard/software other than the occasional FB Live streams that...
  18. patball

    Question / Help OBS + YT - how to extract a single comment and show it on the screen?

    Hey guys. I'm making streams on YouTube thru OBS. During streams there are some questions on the chat. Is there any tool or plugin or something which could help me to extract a single comment and show it on the screen? Maybe do u have some tips?
  19. J

    Question / Help No audio in youtube live stream

    We are running our live stream through obs and atem mini on windows PC, but once in every 10 stream we make, the audio is not being sent to YouTube when it goes live. But the monitor and output is audible at OBS. And then we have to to stop the streaming at OBS and restart obs then it's all...
  20. K

    Question / Help whats the best recording and best quality settings for 1080p 60fps

    i just started doing youtube and my quality is really bad and it would be great if someone could help me with my settings and ms is 10 ping and download mbps is 92.33 and my upload mbps is 5.91 . and i am recording fortnite thank you !! logs ;