Youtube Livestreaming - Audio drops when going live


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I have a Signature 12 soundboard with a usb port to the computer to feed audio for recordings. It works well for recording into the computer, but suddenly when trying to run a test on YouTube it drops the audio (it is no longer picked up by OBS) and it won't work unless I restart the computer and start all over again, except that if I try to livestream again the same happens.

It is strange as it didn't happen before. We were testing it and it was working (although the audio was low). But I cannot wrap my head around how this happened.

Is anyone who is experienced in livestreaming into YouTube have run into something similar?

Here is my log:.

Also, the computer is a XPS 8300 (i7 - 2600 @ 3.40 GHz) with 16 GB of RAM. We are trying to do livestreaming @ 1080p and 60fps . PC is running Windows 10

Any help with this will be greatly appreciated