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    OBS asking to upgrade NVIDIA Video & Audio SDK when I have an AMD Graphics Card

    So I recently swapped out my old GTX 1050 TI for an RX 580, and before I updated my OBS to version 29 noise suppression was working perfectly fine. I was using RNNoise for my noise suppression and even if I pick Speex it still says "Warning: Please upgrade both NVIDIA Video& Audio SDK. Your...
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    OBS monitoring mic even when all audio sources are disabled

    Hello, OBS is always monitoring my left channel (it's an XLR mic), even when all global audio sources are disabled and there are no sound devices in sources. I've found a solution but it requires me to disable my mic in Windows sound settings, then turn it back on. That fixes it until I close...
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    Youtube Livestreaming - Audio drops when going live

    Hi, I have a Signature 12 soundboard with a usb port to the computer to feed audio for recordings. It works well for recording into the computer, but suddenly when trying to run a test on YouTube it drops the audio (it is no longer picked up by OBS) and it won't work unless I restart the...
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    Weird, nasty, echo like, sound effect when i am using OBS only.

    Hello everyone, i am here to kindly ask for you help as i am a new streamer and a new OBS user. I have this weird issue with my mic, every time i go live using OBS my mic sounds like it echoes back to my headset and sometimes it makes high pitched noise. If i record my own voice using windows...
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    Question / Help DJ Mix through OBS to FB Live

    hi, new to this, i am planning to do a live dj set through facebook live this week, ive been searching online and intend to use OBS, i under stand the stream key etc, and intend to use just my PC webcam for video, but what about audio? do i need an audio interface or can i just connect from...