Weird, nasty, echo like, sound effect when i am using OBS only.


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Hello everyone,

i am here to kindly ask for you help as i am a new streamer and a new OBS user.

I have this weird issue with my mic, every time i go live using OBS my mic sounds like it echoes back to my headset and sometimes it makes high pitched noise.

If i record my own voice using windows 10 voice recorder my voice sounds good (it has some background noise but that's all).
When i am using Discord everything is fine.

So maybe i am doing something wrong?

My mic is part of a headset called Razer Electra (not v2 tho that's a new one, i have the old one with 2 cables of 3,5mm each).

I am using some filters in OBS and i have some screenshots attached below so you can decide if i am the source of the problem by using filters in a wrong way.

Thanks for your time and i am sorry for any mistakes English is not my first language.


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Are you using speakers or a headphones? if using speakers, then audio out on speakers being caught on microphone and you've have created audio loop.
Though you mention headset, so hopefully that isn't the case

But beware creating audio loop in OBS... for example monitoring Desktop Audio and another source with has you mic
I disabled Desktop audio (I'm not gaming and have no need for Desktop Audio). In each scene I add only those specific audio sources I need/want... no more echo (for me)

Once you know for sure you don't have an audio loop, Have you tried turning off all Audio filters/effects to check audio quality there?
Have you tried recording and seeing if echo is there? if not, but you hear echo, you may have Output and Monitoring enabled on an Audio source when you shouldn't
Also, beware audio effects if have both 3rd party sound effects (ie Razer's software audio package.. THX effects?) and OBS trying to manipulate audio


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Hi guys,
I had the same issue.
The fix for me was on the mic settings. It was set to "Monitor and Output" and I changed it to "Monitor Off". After this, the app does not make any weird scary noises, also I can hear the recording (earlier I could not even record the audio).

Hope it helps you all as well.



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The fix for me was on the mic settings. It was set to "Monitor and Output" and I changed it to "Monitor Off". After this, the app does not make any weird scary noises,
That means you had an audio loop/echo/duplicate (or more).
Another example of a user error in creating an audio loop is having a microphone and that audio goes into a game. and you record/stream BOTH the microphone and the game (which already has the microphone)...
There are LOTS of ways to create an audio loop/echo if you are not careful. My approach is to be very logical and make note of audio paths.. and realize OBS (free, open-source s/w) does NOT have patented mic duplicate cancellation techniques built in (though it can support external audio filters that do such audio processing)