1. M

    Problem with sound playback

    (Disclaimer, I am french and I'm sorry in advance if there's mistakes in my explanations ! ^^') Hello ! I want to use the "Monitor and Output" feature in advanced audio settings since I have a Yamaha MG06X which has integrated audio effects (like an echo). When I activate this feature on my...
  2. W

    [Windows 11/PC] My mic picks up Desktop/Browser audio, causing echo in recordings/streams! How to fix this?

    Problem: Whenever I record something in OBS, typically my streams or a browser with some game show/talk show, my audio input aka my mic picks up the desktop/audio output as well (BOTH the Audio Input + Audio Output meters/bars are moving), causing the show i am recording to echo (yes, i swap...
  3. N

    Echo with Realtek headphone virtualization enabled

    Hi I have a little problem ( also this could help some peoples with the same problem ) I tried to record some stuff in game and on my desktop with OBS and noticed my sound had a echo... So I spent hours searching where it could come from, trying all solution I could find on the web, nothing...
  4. S

    Double Sound?

    I don't know what else I could do. I just hear the double Sound. Settings: Audio: Desktop Audio: default microphone/AUX Audio: digital audio interface (?) (USB3.0.capture) And the rest is deactivated Audio Mixer: Desktop: monitor off Mikrophone: monitor only
  5. J

    Double Overlaid Desktop Audio | Windows 10

    Hi, I have been experiencing an annoying issue with OBS whilst trying to record videos. I have set up a scene with a display capture recording my entire screen. The audio mixer is set to default with 'Desktop Audio' as a channel that is displaying sound movement on the scale when desktop...
  6. C

    Echo In Video Conference Only When Mic Is Routed Through OBS

    Merry Christmas. :) I'm using OBS for Zoom / Skype / video conferencing. I set up some audio filters as well. But when I go mic -> OBS -> Skype, the other person can hear herself, unless I use headphones as well. But when I go mic -> Skype the audio for the receiving end is fine, even if I...
  7. A

    Weird, nasty, echo like, sound effect when i am using OBS only.

    Hello everyone, i am here to kindly ask for you help as i am a new streamer and a new OBS user. I have this weird issue with my mic, every time i go live using OBS my mic sounds like it echoes back to my headset and sometimes it makes high pitched noise. If i record my own voice using windows...
  8. B

    Microphone echoing

    Hi guys so basically when i connect my headset to obs to record as a microphone and listen to the game volume, all sound echo's through my microphone, when I record from my capture card the sound comes through my headset but echo's out the microphone. Even when I'm listening through to youtube...
  9. Yulahandro

    Every day, new problems with OBS especially echo

    Hi Everyone, I hope someone can help me. I'm podcasting live on youtube but every time I go live on youtube I have a different echo problems A couple of days ago, OBS stopped to seeing skype then somehow I fix it but then Obs started to add sound source after I went live bc of that my guest's...
  10. N

    Question / Help Echo

    I'm having trouble live streaming on youtube. Every time I stream it always echos, Ill say hi and it will keep echoing and echoing. I tried to find videos solving this but they all tell me to disable my other audio devices when I only have one enabled. I have never used obs and I need help.
  11. G

    Question / Help Microphone Echoing

    Hello there! As you can tell from the video, whenever I'm in a call with someone their voice echoes like as if they were in a restroom. It's not because of me recording my screen, as It does it when I record games for youtube. It's not just da vinci editor, as The file was untouched when I...