Double Overlaid Desktop Audio | Windows 10


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I have been experiencing an annoying issue with OBS whilst trying to record videos. I have set up a scene with a display capture recording my entire screen. The audio mixer is set to default with 'Desktop Audio' as a channel that is displaying sound movement on the scale when desktop audio is playing (e.g. a YouTube video). When I open 'Advanced Audio Properties' > 'Audio Monitoring' is set to 'Monitor Off' which in theory shouldn't be doubling the desktop audio.

When I review the exported video on my drive, I can hear whatever audio is playing but doubled. There isn't a delay in the sound it just plays the audio twice on top of each other creating a strange 'echo' effect. I have read multiple threads and watched several YouTube videos to figure out a solution to my problem, however, nothing has worked.

In Settings > Audio > Desktop Audio > is set to 'Headset Earphone (Corsair Void Pro Wireless Gaming Headset USB) and everything else is disabled.

In Output > Audio Track > both tracks 1 and 2 are enabled.

I have no idea what seems to be causing this issue, I have tried recording multiple times using different methods and solutions (e.g. muting the 'Desktop Audio' in the 'Audio Mixer', turning down the volume in the 'Audio Mixer').

It's strange that it's only the desktop audio that is doubling and not my microphone.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!