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Hello there!
As you can tell from the video, whenever I'm in a call with someone their voice echoes like as if they were in a restroom. It's not because of me recording my screen, as It does it when I record games for youtube. It's not just da vinci editor, as The file was untouched when I uploaded it to youtube. It does this with every game I play, and i can't find a fix anywhere so i decided to come to the forums for help.

Side note: If you can tell, my voice is quieter and extremely muffled in comparison to my girlfriend's, is there a way to fix that?

Justin S.

Link of the problem:
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Audio devices being recorded in Settings > Audio
Audio devices assigned to each track and status of output (output, monitor, or both) in Edit > Advanced Audio Properties
Audio device used for monitoring (in Settings > Audio in latest version, if Settings > Advanced in earlier versions

Echo can be caused by recording the same device more than once, or sending monitor output to a device which is being captured (usually the Windows default device).
That wasn't very helpful, I still have my issues. I've tried even using older versions of OBS, and nothing is working.
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If the echoing is being caused by OBS, it's being caused by duplicate audio sources or having OBS set to a record a device that is being used for monitoring.

If it isn't one of those, then the echo probably doesn't come from OBS.

When you say "that wasn't very helpful" do you mean you checked your audio sources in your scene and the devices configured for recording in Settings > Audio and there are no duplicates? And that the device set as the monitor is not one of those being recorded?

Downgrading is not usually very helpful; I certainly don't think it would be in the case of a basic issue such as audio echo.

Can you provide a logfile?

Please post a log with your issue! Here's how...


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If you just recently downloaded OBS why did you download such an old version?

Current is 23.1

19:41:13.278: OBS 21.1.0 (64bit, windows)

Start by updating.

Once you're on the current version, go to the Audio page of the Settings menu, and make note of which audio device is selected under "Audio Monitoring Device".

Then go to the Advanced Audio Properties item of the Edit menu. This will show your audio devices. Each will have a setting that will be one of the following: Monitor Off, Monitor Only, Monitor and Output.

If the device selected as the Audio Monitoring Device is also on the list in Advanced Audio Properties, and one of your devices on that list is set to "Monitor Only" or "Monitor and Output" then you will hear an echo because you are recording sound from a device twice-- once when you capture the source, and a second time when that capture device is monitored and the monitor feed goes back to OBS again.

If this is the case you will need to either change the monitoring device to something else, or change the setting for your audio device to "output only".

Even having a device set to monitor at all can cause an echo-- it's mostly there to allow sound to pass through for a device that normally you cannot hear while operating the computer (like audio for external microphones, capture cards, or cameras) and not your computer's default output, which you can usually hear anyway.